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Bid Ocean publishes construction bids & all types of other bids, tenders and request for proposals (RFPs), request for statements of qualifications (RFQs) and other types of procurement solicitations from government agencies that include national, federal, state, provincial, county and local government agencies. We also publish private construction bids and requests for quotes and proposals on a wide range of goods and services.

Construction projects are covered in the planning, design and bidding and sub-contracting stages.

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Our database has 6,265,552 business opportunities from 254,040 public and private organizations in 228 countries with an estimated value of $18,497,012,651,933. There are online bid documents for 2,423,218 projects.

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Opportunities recently won by members of the Bid Ocean Network:

Project Name Value
Airport Road Culvert Rehabilitation Project *REBID* $65,135.00
Monterey Avenue Extension Project $2,984,311.97
Pavement Rehabilitation (P.C. Concrete)- Us-69: From 5.27 Miles North of the Pittsburg County $1,118,289.95
Bridge Water Proof Seal- US-64/US-281/SH-3/SH-11 $121,280.77
Improvement of Creative Science and Llewellyn Schools $2,253,000.00
Fir Island Farm Ecosystem Restoration $8,747,316.45
Provide and Install a Variable Frequency Well Control Panel $56,254.00
Wayne Brown Correctional Facility Asphalt Repair Car Wash Area $10,340.00
Wayne Brown Correctional Facility Asphalt Repair Car Wash Area $47,178.00
Fence Repair Services $29,150.00
SR 503 Lewis River Road and East Scott Avenue Roundabout Intersection $1,549,304.50
Runway 9-27 Pavement Maintenance $390,949.81
Kitchell Avenue Water Main Improvements $191,536.00
Headquarters Landfill Cell 7 Construction Project $626,509.21
Anchorage Football Stadium Public Facility $845,000.00
Holladay Annex Capacity $121,014.00
Bit. Overlay, Grading, Conc. Walk $1,076,381.54
2014 Water and Sewer Improvements $2,292,118.00
Providence Drive Pavement Reconstruction $186,790.00
Residential Roadway Lighting Improvement 500 Blocks - Citywide $21,364,444.44
6284-61-001 - Crackseal $130,384.24
1117405 - Basnettville Low Level Bridge $363,196.19
1009-42-62; 1009-42-64- County Wide Deck Sealing $369,369.00
2135-03-70 - Const/Replacement P40-0810 Stp Urban Over 200,000 $2,318,287.98
5730-01-62 - Const/Conc Overlay & Misc Repairs Shr Bridges $395,889.25

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  • 6,265,552 Business Opportunities
  • $18,497,012,651,933 Estimated Total Value
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