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Bid Ocean publishes construction bids & all types of other bids, tenders and request for proposals (RFPs), request for statements of qualifications (RFQs) and other types of procurement solicitations from government agencies that include national, federal, state, provincial, county and local government agencies. We also publish private construction bids and requests for quotes and proposals on a wide range of goods and services.

Construction projects are covered in the planning, design and bidding and sub-contracting stages.

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Our pricing is reasonable and flexible. Our terms friendly. Our management is responsive to your needs. We are highly ethical and ever evolving.

Our database has 5,843,502 business opportunities from 247,440 public and private organizations in 227 countries with an estimated value of $17,235,991,221,331. There are online bid documents for 2,300,817 projects.

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Opportunities recently won by members of the Bid Ocean Network:

Project Name Value
Electircal Wire/Cable and Delivery $198,655.50
Electircal Wire/Cable and Delivery $198,655.50
Street Improvement District No. 2232 - 4th Street East $1,109,348.20
Sewer Mains Relay, Sewer Lining Projects and Manhole Repair & Lining $1,415,046.85
HVAC Fan Maintenance and Air Monitoring Systems $530,149.60
Main Comprehensive Replacement Project $872,494.00
Temescal Creek - Foster Road Storm Drain, Stage 1 $1,661,553.25
2014 Waterline Replacement $310,729,820.00
Water Rehabilitation Project 702766 in Sumner from 40th to 45th Street $161,107.40
Water Replacement Project 702759 in 25th St from Washington to Sumner(PW/U - Eng. Services $237,616.60
CM-0005(011) - Bi-State Corridor Travel Time Add Signing $793,074.00
Hvac Duct Cleaning - County Jail $44,310.00
Howdershell Road at Charbonier Road $922,989.93
SR-99 & Hosking Avenue Interchange Project $20,771,397.00
Pump Stations Upgrades 2013 $1,769,650.00
Coulee City Marina Boat Dock Expansion $118,463.00
2014 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements $12,168,984.00
Proposed Water Main Improvements $391,117.50
2014 Sanitary Sewer Repairs $281,500.00
Water/Sewer Line Construction (Family Entertainment District) $91,704.00
Transformer Replacements and Upgrades $735,000.00
Water Meter Installation $1,173,275.00
Wilderness Sewer Reroute $169,401.00
Construction of FM 2499 Utility Relocation - Phase II $1,604,356.00
11021-104152 - Bridge Replacement, Scour Countermeasures, Approach Reconstruction $10,953,381.79

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  • 5,843,502 Business Opportunities
  • $17,235,991,221,331 Estimated Total Value
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