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Bid Ocean publishes construction bids & all types of other bids, tenders and request for proposals (RFPs), request for statements of qualifications (RFQs) and other types of procurement solicitations from government agencies that include national, federal, state, provincial, county and local government agencies. We also publish private construction bids and requests for quotes and proposals on a wide range of goods and services.

Construction projects are covered in the planning, design and bidding and sub-contracting stages.

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Our pricing is reasonable and flexible. Our terms friendly. Our management is responsive to your needs. We are highly ethical and ever evolving.

Our database has 5,565,011 business opportunities from 243,391 public and private organizations in 224 countries with an estimated value of $16,411,886,375,785. There are online bid documents for 2,211,269 projects.

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Opportunities recently won by members of the Bid Ocean Network:

Project Name Value
Lincoln Way Waterline Relocation Project*Re-Bid* $1,841,935.00
West Main Street Extension $1,596,650.00
Sanitary Lateral Lining $91,530.00
Lagoon Expansion $842,794.43
Sewer System Evaluation Survey, Contract B $166,325.00
Interior and Exterior Inspection Services of Potable Water Tanks $5,600.00
Greenridge/West Hempfield Collection Sewers - Relining Project -*REBID* $929,260.00
2014 Street Reconstruction Project $33,149.50
2014 Water Main Replacement Program - Kincaid St, Judson, Av, and Briarwood Pl $1,261,064.85
Sewer Line Chemical Root Control $74,680.20
22nd Street & Selmser Avenue Reconstruction $1,158,980.00
Water Main Installation $231,800.00
OR99W: Southwest Durham Road - Southwest Fischer Road Section of Pacific Highway West $1,317,536.00
Mackenzie Public I/I Reduction $2,947,183.00
2014 Street Improvements $358,434.95
Replace Hoh Housing Roof At Olympic Corrections Center $274,500.00
Happy Hollow CCTV 2014 $63,300.00
Branch Ladd Creek Culvert $668,034.00
Spring 2014 Concrete Restoration $13,612.00
Sr 502 Water Main Installation $2,010,394.00
Cleaning & Lining of Water Mains 2014 $1,183,713.50
Water Tower, Well & System Improvements - 2014 $536,665.00
6265-35-001- Local Let Maintenance Contract, Roadway Striping $83,480.00
Water Tower Repainting and Repair of 1 Mg Composite Tank $78,500.00
Road Reconstruction Phase II $660,899.95

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  • 5,565,011 Business Opportunities
  • $16,411,886,375,785 Estimated Total Value
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