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Bid Ocean, Your Business Wellness Center


This site is a portal of Bid Ocean and owned and operated by Bid Ocean, Inc. is designed to help companies prosper and operate more efficiently. It offers over a trillion dollars of business opportunities each year and helps companies find the best opportunities with the most profit potential.

About Bid Ocean, Inc.

Bid Ocean, Inc. is a unique company of intelligent, creative and compassionate people building the world's most powerful business network. Our philosophy is that business is not just about making money - it is about creating something of value and making the world a better place.

About Bid Ocean

Bid Ocean is an advanced Internet platform under continuous development for over seven years. It uses a powerful database with open source software and artificial neural networks to monitor and manage system processes and users. The hardware consists of a global network of servers with redundant backup and parallel processes to prevent any data loss or downtime.

Our Customers

Our customers include many of the world's largest (Global 50 and Fortune 500) as well as some of the smallest companies. They all benefit from more and better opportunities.

Our Employees

Our staff are paid a good living wage and treated with respect and compassion. We endeavor to create a working atmosphere that nurtures the development of each person and encourage all to lead a healthy lifestyle that is environmentally responsible and sustainable.

We Are Green

The environment is important to us so we try to use the fewest natural resources, use green energy when possible and recycle as much as we can.

Business Tools

Bid Ocean offers owners and designers a turn-key online procurement solution and offers vendors and contractors a wide variety of sales and marketing tools. Our award-winning multimedia division creates affordable media for most any application. Our software division creates intelligent work environments that increase productivity and help expand market-share.

Data Syndication

Bid Ocean is available through a wide range of market specific portals and available for licensing in most countries. Please contact us if you would be interested in licensing Bid Ocean and data for your own site.

Our system has 8,626,172 business opportunities in 240 countries from 321,028 public and private procurement sources with an estimated value of $ 26,770,162,317,409 . There are 3,690,711 reports with attached online bid documents.

For sales or customer support call us at 970-373-4460 or use our contact form.

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