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OH – Deal Made Over Canton Water Reclamation Plant

June 6, 2013

An agreement has been made over the Water Reclamation Facility in the city of Canton.

Monday witnessed Stark County and the cities of Canton and North Canton  coming to an operations, maintenance and replacement cost-sharing agreement concerning the Canton-owned Water Reclamation Facility. 

Even after 40 years of cooperation, the three entities proved that their ties remain strong with this agreement that will have them all shouldering a part of the facility's costs. 

The revision in agreement came up due to the change in sewer billing methods in the three entities. Apparently, they were shifted from metered billing back to single-family-equivalent. 

Also part of the agreement is the sharing of the cost of an $88.6 million upgrade the facility is scheduled to undergo. 

The project came about after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a mandate stating that the plant must have lower phosphorus levels come year 2018. The EPA is also expected to require the plan to lower nitrogen levels soon.

Another factor is Stark County's intention to buy more capacity at the plant to meet future demand. The county currently has 46,270 sewer customers. 

The cost of the work will be divided among the three entities. Canton City will provide for 51 percent, or $45.2 million; Stark County will pay for 47 percent, or $41.7 million and North Canton City will take care of the remaining 2 percent, or $1.7 million. 

After the agreement is put into action, Canton will pay for around half of the plant's operations as it always has. The rest will be divided between North Canton and Stark County.

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