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TN – Robertson County to Expand Library

September 17, 2013

The Gorham-MacBane Public Library in Springfield, Robertson County will undergo expansion and renovation, which is set to break ground on Feb. 17.

Ground breaking plans for a new library in Springfield are progressing.  The expansion and renovation project of the one-story Gorham-MacBane Public Library is expected to break ground on February 17.  

The Library Board has hired Springfield Attorney Bill Goodman to handle the negotiation between the county and the city during the construction.  Goodman has addressed the Board of Mayor and Alderman on August 20 to request for assistance.  

The board will be the project’s pay agent with David Brewer, City Engineer, acting as project manager.  Brewer also acted as one for the construction of Highland Crest College Campus, a joint project of the county and the city.  

Goodman stated that the city will handle the disbursement of funds since the project will be built in the city.  

According to City Manager Paul Nutting, the library board has received pledges and gifts for the project amounting to $4,385,936, which includes the $1-M pledged by the Robertson County Commission and the $1-M from the City of Springfield. 

There is a cash amount of $1,165,350 available in the bank, stated Nutting.  There is also a plan to collect $2,938,668 in early 2014 to include pledges from the county, the city, and additional pledges.  These would bring in an amount of $4,104,000 for the construction.  

Nutting stated that these funds would be utilized for the construction of the building.  Once completed, the amount will continue to be raised for equipment and furniture.  

Plans for the building would be to initially occupy the first floor and have the second floor completed gradually, stated Nutting.  

Bids on the project will be accepted before February, added Nutting.  

Spokesman for Robertson County Library Board of Trustees, James Marshall stated that the official ground breaking will be in February however the unofficial one, which would kick off on the parking area, could be held in December.  

A 4.9-ft. setback variance along White Street and a two feet rear setback variance for a section of the proposed building expansion are being requested by the library.  

Next month, the Springfield Municipal Board of Zoning Appeals will discuss the request.  

The expansion of the library, which is jointly owned by the city of Springfield and the county, has an estimated cost of $5.5-M.  The remaining amount of $3.5-M will be raised by the Library Board.  

Marshall stated that the library’s current name could be changed with the new construction.  

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