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Bid Ocean Impacted by Philippines Earthquake

October 15, 2013

Most of Bid Ocean's operations in the Philippines were shut down due to lack of power and Internet service caused by a substantial earthquake, but operations in other countries have picked up the work load.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake which struck the central Philippines October 15th has left a rising death toll, substantial damage to buildings and resulted in a loss of power and Internet for many regions. Aftershocks have continued to be felt for most of the day.

Bid Ocean has not yet heard from all of its staff to determine their well-being and hopes that they are not among the nearly 100 dead and thousands of injured. 

Bid Ocean's offices in Cebu City and Bacolod were impacted as were some work-at-home staff in other nearby regions. It is not yet known when Internet access will be restored as it is likely that some fiber optic transmission lines may have been severed and it will take time to locate and repair the breaks. 

The quake was centered deep under the island of Bohol and did not cause a tsunami.