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NM - TRC Awarded Substation Contract by PNM

April 24, 2014

TRC Companies will upgrade the utility substation of the Public Service of New Mexico to enhance facility protections.

TRC Companies was recently awarded a contract by the Public Service of New Mexico (PNM) to harden the utility substation in Tome, New Mexico.  The company will design, procure, and build substation upgrades using cutting edge technology to enhance the current facility protections.  

The new security systems will aid PNM in meeting current and future NERC CIP compliance requirements and provide sophisticated analytics to understand and prevent security issues better.  

The company’s scope of work also includes oversight of the installation subcontractors and integration of the project into the PNM’s current Security Operations Center.  The pilot project, which is expected to be completed this May, is the first of the five to be completed within the 2014-2015 timeframe.  

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