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Ontario Bid, solicitation, RFP, RFQ, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Tender for 09/2012:

Replace Fire Sensors
Demolition of One (1) Property (OSS_00338795)
Family Washroom Renovation (Q12-059)
Repair Vehicle Exhaust System (PA097255, 252201)
Supply, Delivery and Offloading of Modular Bridge and All Associated Components (OSS_00338967, 252162)
Tree Removal, Stumping & Disposal of Emeral Ash Borer Affected Trees & Site Restoration (T-12-69)
The Supply & Delivery of a Quantity of Twenty (20) Current Model Pick Up Trucks (T-12-82)
Snow Clearing and Salting Services (TEN-12-12)
Central Arena Domestic Hot Water Equipment Renewal (12-63)
Evaluation Consultant
Municipal Development, Permitting & Enforcement Software (2012-P08)
Nuclear Funds Asset Liability Study Services (C2012-070)
Neighbourhood Park (2012-44)
City Land Sale of Draft Approved Subdivision (High Park Avenue)
Replacement of Township Entrance Signage (2012-16)
Construct Hangar 6 (TR130005, 251951)
Thermal Qualification Facility (TQF) Upgrade Project At David Florida Laboratory (DFL) (9F030-20120285, 252229)
Highcastle PS Addition (STM12-286PQ, 252272)
Highway 17 Traffic Signal Conversions (OSS_00340247, 252245)
Two (2) Fire Rescue Trucks
2012 Maintenance Paving (2012-16)
External Municipal Government Auditing Services (2012-17)
Snow Removal (RFQ-89-12)
Annual Plant Materials and Greenhouse Requirements (RFQ-85-12)
Water Meter Supply, Installation, Reading & Maintenance (RFQ-79-12 )
Provision of Services to Upgrade GIS Technology Platform (RFQ-87-12)
Provide a Learn To Swim Program for the City (12-30)
Micro Surfacing (PW-12-11)
Information Centre Parking Lot Reconstruction (2012-79)
Surveying of Recreational Trail Segments and Pedestrian Bridge Locations (12-35)
Snow & Ice Removal Contract (12-28)
Selection, Cataloguing, Supply and Delivery of Library Materials (RFP12-287)
Back Up Generator (37-12)
OSIM Bridge Inspections (27-11)
Granular "A" Material (2012-057)
Air Mail Conveyance to the Yukon region (177NN12MSV2; 251590)
One (1) Tanker/ Pumper Apparatus
Website Content Management Software & Website Re-design (CRFP2012-08)
Urban Pumper Apparatus (Belleville)
Printing Services - Niagara News (2012-47)
Winter Maintenance for Sidewalks (2012-93-OT)
Snow Plowing at Various City Parking Lots, Entrances, Lanes and Walkways
Collection, Transporting and Processing of WEEE Materials (2012—121-OT )
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and Rit Paks (CMS-ES-05-2012 )
Fire Hose (CMS-06-2012 )
Sale of Land - 267 Station St.
One Ton Truck with Aluminum Sign Maintenance Body (FLE 15-2012 )
Community Entrance Sign Replacement & Installation (PED-EDT-04-12 )
Rental of County Owned Agricultural Land - 230, 22, 30,59,40 Acres
Military College - Resiliant Tile Flooring and Base (12RMC7288; PR238779)
Rental of County Owned Agricultural Land - 115 acres & 248 acres
Inflow & Infiltration Study (2012-6-P-EPW)
Two (2) Slide in Sanders (QBRFP2012-01)
Streetscape Plan for Cayuga (PED-PD-01-12 )
Sale of Land - Follwell Crescent
Sale of Land - Pt Lt 25 Con 7 Thurlow
Artist Kilometre Market Competition Invitation (QBRFP2012-38)
Snow Plowing At Quinte Sports Centre
Civic Recreation Centre Sundeck Roof Replacement (T-19-2012)
Fire Station No. 10 Cistern Removal and Replacement (CSD-FRS-12-02)
Mitel Equipment Maintenance and Support (CRS-ISS-12-01)
Expression of Interest - Gifts in Kind Contribution Program (12-333)
Library Shelving (T-084-12)
Sale of Surplus Computer Equipment (D12-368)
Supply and Delivery of one (1) NFPA compliant and ULC listed 100 Foot Aerial Platform Quint Fire Apparatus c/w Custom Chassis (T-24-2012)
Asphalt/concrete Curbs Replace (2012-523T)
Abbey Dawn Drainage Improvements (2012-06)
Parking Lot Rehabilitation (Various Sites) (T-26-2012)
Entertainment Buyer Services (1213-014)
Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Services for Drain Cleaning By High Pressure Flushing and Vacuuming of Main Drain Line From Exterior Wall (INF-2-2012)
Construction of the New Kirkland Lake WWTP (09-0088)
General Contractors for the Construction of Various Pedestrian Bridges and Stairs (Prequal-3-2012)
Souvenir 2014 Calendar and a Butterfly Calendar for 2014 (T2011/12-021-LP)
Paving/resurface Various Living Sites (2012-480T)
McPherson Road Reconstruction (T-27-2012)
Up to Three (3) Trailers of Various Types (Q-55-2012)
Consultant To Deliver a Branding Strategy (2012 - 03)
Concrete Supply (1304 - 013)
Metal-Free Uniforms and Cleaning Services (NPP2012-022)
Flu Clinic services (2012-474Q)
Mental Health Nursing Consultant (2012-438Q)
Consultant Services - Testing Support (P31PV12816)
Extend the Service Life of Bridges B7, C2, D6 and D1-D4 (2035880)
Technical Advisor for Renewable Energy Facilities (RFP/ER/0812/382)
Process Monitor for OPA Procurement of Social Benchmarking Pilot Project Services
Managing in a Unionized Environment Training (2012-280P)
Development of Peel Region P.M. Peak Travel Demand Forecasting Model (2012-285P)
Bramm Yards Development (T12-069)
Carts and Shelving (EQ10-RFP01-D)
Snow and Ice Control (PT-2012-ER-055)
Snow and Ice Control for Various Locations (PT-2012-ER-044)
Snow and Ice Control (PT-2012-BBS-079)
Phone Integration Solution (RFI-IT001)
Carpentry Repairs In Facilities Being Managed By Toronto Fire Services (3907-12-5065)
Consultant Selection Branding Strategy Light Rail Transit
Consulting Services - Structural & Mechanical Peer Review (P12014)
Construction of Lakefront Promenade Spray Pad Redevelopment (FA.49.801-12)
Concrete Testing Services (9115-12-7203)
Siding Replacement (Selected Areas) - Capitol Theatre (79-12)
Roof Replacement (Selected Areas) - Capitol Theatre (78-12)
Janitorial Products (0211-12-0115)
First Aid, CPR and Defib Training (70-12)
Chemicals and Process/Maintenance/Calibration Gases (6604-12-3095)
Graffiti and Poster Removal (0208-12-0174)
External Audit Support Services (81-12)
Rental of Walk Off Mats (0307-12-0116)
Consulting Services Process Review of the Procurement and Contract Services Dept. (2012-PCS-017)
New Stihl Brand Fire Fighting Tools, Equipment, Parts, Service and Repairs (3804-12-0177)
Pressurized Hot Water Washing of Vehicles (6130-12-3181)
Groceries, Frozen Foods, Seafood, Meat and Meat Products To Various Homes (0602-12-0113)
Operation of a Year Round Food Service Concession At Nathan Phillips Square (0613-12-0125)
Metso Minerals Kit Part #83.1424.195 or approved equivalent (6026-12-3139)
Safety Monitoring Devices (3804-12-0066)
Hall Partition Divider and Door Replacement (231-T-12)
Renovations To City Hall 2nd Floor (047-2012)
Emergency Window Repair Services for Community Facilities (C5-10-12)
Supply of a Site, Equipment and Labour To Load and To Transport Leaves for Disposal (12-149)
Rental of Triaxle And/or Tandem Dump Trucks and 3 Cubic Yard Loaders C/w Operator (12-148)
Elevator Upgrades (T-41-12)
Monthly Rental Parking Spaces in the Immediate Vicinity (6142-12-7208)
Janitorial Services (12-080)
Accessibility Renovations - Unit 106 (T12- 217)
Consulting Engineering Services Stormwater Servicing Study (R12-239)
Demolition and Removal of street (T12-191)
Courier Services - Same Day and Rush (Q12-062)
Supply of General and Technical Labour for the "Scotiabank Nuit Blanche" Event (1218-12-7198)
One (1) 5,000 kg (11,030 lb) G.V.W. High Roof Extended Cargo Van (Q12-066)
One (1) 4,128 kg (9,100 lb) G.V.W. High Roof Cargo Van (Q12 067)
Trailer with Skate Rental and Skate Sharpening Services (090-R-12)
Angus Glen Community Centre Pool Ultra Violet (UV) System (247-T-12)
Huron Lodge Oxygen Therapy Services (80-12)
Supply and Delivery of Uniforms (130-Q-12)
Intersection Pedestrian Signal Installation and Associated Civil Works (220-T-12)
Supply of a Uniform Program (12-119)
Fall Tree Supply (232-Q-12)
Warning Track and outfield Fence (205-Q-12)
Supply of AED Equipment (2013-4-T)
Alternative Sources of Regulation Service 2012 (PR252297)
Supply of Ice Melt/ Salt Products (19-2012)
Consultant Services - Design Production Support (P31PA12836)
Carson's Road - HVAC Work (PR252336 , CW11-23873-36330)
Ring of Fire Technical Advisor (12-256C)
Alumni and Donor Management System (RFI-008)
Resources for History & Geography Grades 7 and 8 Extended French (P63-2012)
Unit Turnover Services (PR252346)
Red Hat License Renewal (PR252356 , 2012-P00228)
Concrete Repair Program - Curb/Gutter/Sidewalks (Q-12-87)
Construction of Georgetown South Corridor (Weston Subdivision and ARL SPUR) Supply and Installation of Overhead Signal Structures (IT-2012-TS-026)
Lease of Roof Space for Solar Panels (CAO2012-46)
General Contractors, Decommissioning and Demolition at Woodstock General Hospital (PR252366 , 12-220P)
Overgrowth Removal Related Site Work (PR252371 , CM12-35417)
Timber Sale Notice and Information (LACF 2012-01)
Expression of Interest (RFEOI) - Lawrence Heights Phase 1 Development Partner (RFEOI 01/12)
Carson's Road - Plumbing Work (PR252378 , CW11-23873-36331)
Network Documentation and Management Software (UWORFI13-12-017)
Modernizing Accounts and Claims Systems (MACS) (2012-116-AAA)
Contact Centre Solution (2012-66-KH)
Supply of Original (OEM) & Remanufactured Printer Cartridges (2012-86-RR)
Dataflex 1000 Control (9F010-120218/A)
Supply and Delivery of Various Neuman & Esser Compressor Parts (6709-12-7144)
Black Ties (0101-12-0170)
Forklift Truck (6039-12-318, 064F-60FL)
Trailer Mounted, Diesel Driven, 6kW Light Tower (6112-12-3183, 181-60FL)
Dodge Grand Caravan Mini Vans (6112-12-3185, 173-61FR)
Life Sign Monitoring System (21120-124209/B)
Hatchback Automobiles (6112-12-3186, 027-61FR)
Truck Chassis (6112-12-3187, 070-61FL)
Rescue Pumpuer Fire Trucks (6115-12-3176, 040-61FR)
Carpet Recycling (9150-12-3188)
Prenatal e-Learning Project (3405-12-3132)
Professional Audit Support Services Supply Arrangement (PASS)- Stream 4 - Forensic Audits Services (2B0KB-13-1465; 252271)
Forklift Truck (6039-12-3182)
Granular Lift (252139, OSS_00340679)
Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Requirement (1000305483; 252266)
Supply & Install Oil Water Separator Covers (252335, OSS_00341338)
Provision of Project Management And/or Technical/Engineering Support Services (JC.CSO12-0025)
Port Franks Dome Shingling (252369, OSS_00340843)
New Salt/Sand Storage Structure (252101, OSS_00339565)
Professional Engineering Consulting Services for the Design and Construction of Niagara-on-the-Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant and Related Infrastruct (2012-RFPQ-05)
2012 Sanitary Sewer Video Inspection Program (2012-32)
Legal Services (2012-Legal-01; 252269)
Rideau Canal Corridor - Maintenance Management Services (NR13; 252224)
Supply & Delivery of Sodium Chloride of Brine (T-12-68)
Disposal of Obsolete Bus Parts (FA.49.812-12)
TBIPS - A.7 Programmer/Analyst - Level 3 - 5 Resources (K7A41-12-2022; 252293)
Pilot Project Lottery for Full Service Food Trucks (FA.49.793-12)
Provision of Immediate Telephone Translation Services (P-12-71)
Uniform Rental and Laundry Services (OSS_00302862; 252285)
Outside Sales Support Services (21K01-12MH01/A; PW-$KIN-650-5918)
Develop an Energy Management Action Plan (EMAP) for the Environmental Services Department (P-12-129)
Sale of Surplus Assets (12-Q78)
Dispersed Meals (WN536-136856/A; PW-$TOR-016-5995)
Wide Area Network Services (P-12-73)
Replacement of Outbound Steel Deck Motor Truck Scale at the Landfill Site (12-T49)
Supply & Delivery of Provincial Offences Court Notices (P-12-124)
Peoplesoft 9.1 Developer-position & Learning Management Specialist (P-12-131)
Collection and Recycling of Lamps and other E-Waste (12-Q84)
Oil-Grit Separator Structure Inspection & Assessment Services At Various Locations (T-12-83)
Supply and Delivery of Nitrile Examination Gloves (12-Q82)
Command Post Vehicle for the Kingston Police (12-08)
The Enterprise Notification System (P-12-113)
Replacement of Woodstove and Chimney (12-Q79)
IM/IT Services Sub-Class Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Requirement ( PR140123 / 252233)
Supply and Installation of Gas-Fired Steam Generator with Kettle (12-Q80)
Purchase of One (1) 2013 Half Ton Crew Cab Pickup Truck 4x2 (F31-TPES-TS-FL-2012-26)
Bridge and Structure Inspections 2012 (12-Q77)
VOIP Phone and Voice Mail System for the Glen Stor Dun Lodge (12-R15)
Program Facilitator - Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce Project (SW-GBH-082712 / 252155)
Letter of Interest- Fused Deposition Modeling Machine (2012/08/28 / 252122)
Remediation Services of PHC Impacted Soils and LPH for Survival Tank (HQ122816)
Cultural Counterintuitiveness ( W7719-135190/A)
Online Service to Access Full-Text Periodicals and Academic Journals (OSS_00319934)
Transformer Retrofit at the Central Utilities Plant (CUP) (C13-63-12)
Shaldan Lane Reconstruction (2012-17)
Supply and Delivery New Para Transpo Bus Driver Seats (01012-55760-T01)
Cstmc Web Re-development (CSTMC-12-008-CM)
Hardware Dvi Systems (1000308660)
REOI - Arts Court Theatre Operations – 2 Daly Avenue (01412-95836-REOI-1)
Renewal of Maintenance and Support for Diskeeper / Undelete Software (ITS RFT 411)
2012 Sidewalk Program
Comprehensive Investment Plan Management - 2012
Robert O.Pickard Environmental Centre Hvac Upgrades (01912-92596-Q01)
RFT Loader-Backhoe or Wheel Front-End Loader Rental with Operator for Snow Clearing (01812-96872-T05)
Emergency Property & Building Restoration (12-52)
NMR Spectrometer (WLU012-015)
Flow Cytometer (UOTCSB2863)
Confocal Microscope With High Efficiency Photomultipliers Detector(s) (UOTPHAR2979)
TBIPS - Professional Services (2B0KB-131512/A)
Programmer/Software Developer (86154-12-0154)
Snow and Ice Control (PT-2012-ER-057)
Business System Analyst (86852-12-0158)
Snow and Ice Control (PT-2012-ER-047)
Snow and Ice Control (PT-2012-ER-046)
Bariatric Commode/Shower Chair (RFI# 5086)
Technical Consultant (2012-P00128)
Perimeter Security - Masonry Restoration (OT1310)
One (1) New 2012 Full Size 4x4 1⁄2 Ton Quad Cab Pick Up Truck With a 6 1⁄2 Foot Box (16PW-12)
Data Centre Services (2012-SDL-003)
Retail Support and Maintenance Services (2012-SDL-002)
Snow and Ice Control (PT-2012-ER-045)
Tax Sale - 4 Princess Dr., Roseland Acres (FN 12-10)
Tax Sale - 43b Rose St., Frankford (FN 12-09)
Tax Sale - Pt Lot a Con 5 Sidney Part 14 Hsr 119 Except Part 14 21R424 (FN 12-08)
Tax Sale - Lt 101 RCP 2129 Sidney (FN 12-04)
Envelopes (16)
Tax Sale - 111 Front Street, Trenton Ward (FN 12-02)
Tax Sale - 129 Front Street, Trenton Ward (FN 12-01 )
Tax Sale - 39 Prior Lane, Rr3 Frankford (FN 12-05)
Computer Accessories (50)
Generator (10004364)
Traffic Signal Upgrade (OSS_00341596)
Glass Sheets for Stock (618)
Supply and Deliver of two (2) Fire Trucks
Boiler Motors, Electric Motors (631)
Non-Building Property Management Services (179NS12BTRRFI)
Hospital Messenger Lead (RFP2012-P00245)
Wheelchair (Multipurpose) Washer (RFQ 2033)
Construction of Building Improvements (PT-2012-BI-056)
Tandem Axle Dump Truck with Roller Pro Universal Transfer System
School Rings (656)
2012 - Engineered Wood Fibre – Playground Base Repair
Design, Printing and Distribution of the Leisure Guide
Enhancing Natural Resources Canada’s Analytical and Modelling Capacity (NRCan-5000011062/RFSA)
Purchase of Courier Services (08-29-2012)
Provision for Liquid Waste Removal for Up To a 2 Year (P31BE12117)
Arena Refrigeration Service Contract (ST12-015)
Supply of Various Sunsource Parts for Up To a 3 Year Term (M06BI12108)
Purchase/auction the Assets of Global Sticks Inc.
Security Study - Industrial Control Systems (P31PH12841, PR252092)
Engineering Services for Rehabilitation of the York-Peel Outfall Chamber and Odour Control Facility (P-12-126)
Supply of Various Lamps for Up To a 3 Year Term (M06CB12115)
Supply of Various Lubricants for Up To a 3 Year Term (M06BH12104)
Tree Order-Fall 2012 (F31-PWS-PW-2012-6)
Supply & Delivery of Compartment Bodies (12-97)
Supply of Custome Made SE Fac Hoist Parts (T31CJ12122)
Paving Services (RFQ-12-08PAV01)
Supply & Delivery of Crew Cab & Chassis (12-98)
Vehicle Refueling Appliance (VRA) Maintenance & Service in Arenas (12-51)
Water Conservation Why-To Videos (12-31)
Gorham Harry Walker Signals (T2012-19; P.50.11.2011)
Construction of the 2nd Concession Sewage Pumping Station (T-12-08)
Collard Drive Pumping Station (2012-P06)
Cleaning and Closed Circuit Television Inpsection of Sewer Main (2012-T14)
Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing (12-69)
Reconstruction of Colborne Street and Gerrie Road (T-17-12)
Supply, Install, Test and Commission One New 600V, 600A Transfer Switch and Associated Modifications at Wilmot Creek WPCP for the Region of Durham (737-2012)
Provision of Vending Services for the Long Term Care Homes (250-2012)
Phacoemulsification Technology, Accessories, Supplies and Intraocular Lens Implants (110612)
One (1) New Riding Floor Sweeper Scrubber (Q-742-2012)
Rental of Multi-functional Devices and Purchase of Fax Machines (240-2012)
One (1) New Articulating Front End Rubber Tire Loader
Web Multimedia Content Consultant (NPP) (252447; 87055-12-0219)
Re-roofing (12-1153)
Consulting Services for Accessibility Audit - Municipal Office - 1000 Taylor Court, Bracebridge ((2012-TOB-RFP-006)
Drupa Web Hosting Services (252467; 25612-92039-P01)
2012-2013 Parking Lot Snow Plowing-salting/sanding (6-2012)
Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing (Q12-69)
Construction HVAC System (EQ754-131280/A)
Lecture Capture System (252470; I502-12-1481)
PASS-SA Audit of Vision Care Service Providers under the NIHB Program (252415; 0020112950)
Hot Mix Overlay - County Roads 2 & 3 (PWC-2012-33 CR2)
Supply & Installation of Fencing County Rd 71 (Matawatchan Rd) (PWC-2012-34)
Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems Maintenance (EJ196-121717/A++)
TBIPS - B.3 Business Consultant, Level 3, 2 resources (252423; 201301237)
Genetic Toxicity Test Guidelines Consultant (252458; 1000141621)
Roof Replacement
Air Mail Conveyance from Island Lake (252438; 2112MS2222)
Air Mail Conveyance from Little Grand Rapids (252434; 2012MS2225)
Air Mail Conveyance from Moosonee (252432; 1912MS2221)
Concrete Repairs (OSS_00341632)
Development Charges Background Study (2012EB01P)
Supply and Install Traffic Counting Loop Detectors (OSS_00342219)
Selective Resurfacing Hwy. 17 &17B (OSS_00342506)
Supply of (1) New 2012 or 2013 Diesel Powered Tandem Truck
Greater Sudbury Airport Security and Customer Services (GDD12-22)
Elevator Maintenance Services (T-127-12)
Facilitate, Develop and Assist With the Implementation of a Five Year Strategic Plan (PR252529)
Cover 3 Traffic Control Signals, Pedestrian Features (2 Intersections) and Milling and Paving of the Intersections (2012-4278)
Subsurface Utility Investigation (RFP #2012-54)
Tender for the Supply and Operation of Snowplowing Equipment 2012 - 2015 for the City of Greater Sudbury (Laneways, Cul-de-Sacs and Municipal Parking (ISD12-38)
Placement of Granular "A" (OSS_00336682)
New Brand Identity for Bank Street in Capital (PR252502)
Interior Plant Maintenance Services (PR252500; PWGSC09052012)
General Contractor - Painting and Carpet Replacement (PR252489; 2012-04)
Time and Attendance System (PR252486; 5085)
Snowplowing with Graders (50-12-32, OSS_00339464)
Winter and Summer Maintenance and Minor Rehabilitation Including Management and Supervision (AMC 2012-18)
Tender for Watermain lining - Various Locations (ENG12-8)
Tender for Power Street and Creighton Road Precast Culvert Installation (ENG12-20)
The Supply and Delivery of One New Pressurized Turbine Powered Aircraft (OPP-0680)
Supply and Delivery of Oil-Based Polyurethane - Standing Agreement (13-009)
Official Plan and Zoning By-law Review
Electronic Health Record System (Waypoint 12-09-05)
Supply of Personal Printers (2012-127-RR)
Cold Beverage Vending (12-065)
Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings (W0125-12AAS3/A)
2012-OREDS Pacemaker Arrhythmia Program (2012-OREDS)
Janitorial Services
Miracool Bandana (0507-12-0193)
Dishwasher Units
Tires for Fleet
Bulk Fuel (Diesel and Unleaded Fuels)
Plow Blades
Development / Landscape Master Plan
Winter Maintenance - Water & Wastewater Facilities (2012-T-34)
Electrical Services of the Interior and Exterior (1201-12-5061)
Consulting Services-Agribusiness/Agrifood Business Lead Generation Project - Niagara Economic Development (2012-RFP-40)
Chemicals and Laundry Services and Dishwasher Units
Washroom Renovations (215-2012)
The Supply of Digital GIS Data- Ortho Imagery, Topographic Information and Digital Elevation Model (2012-082)
Asphalt Patching Material (046-2012)
Sidewalk Joint Deflection Removal (Q12-242)
Supply and Installation of 74 M3 Fiberglass Sludge Transfer Tank (T12-241)
Chain Saw Pants (0101-12-0190)
Queen Street South Pavement Subdrain Improvements
Construction of James Snow Parkway (R-2124A-12)
Window Replacement (T12-238)
Main Entrance Rehabilitation (2124261A)
Laser Tweezers TIRF Microscope (2012-21)
Goods and Services, Preventative Maintenance and Services (1201-12-7202)
Supply and Delivery of Asphalt Cold Mix (12-225)
OLIS Data Collection Laboratory Implementation SWAT Team (RFP-2012-P00226)
Farm for Sale
Supply & Delivery of Dress Uniforms for Fire and Emergency Services (FA.49.740-12)
Renovations at 2 Prince Street
Crane Hoist and Lifting Device Inspections At the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Oro Bio-solids Storage Facility (2012-121Q)
Supply, Delivery, Assembly, and Installation of Office Furniture for Renovated Space On the 3rd Floor of City Hall (2012-125Q)
Sporting Goods & Equipment (0901-12-0071)
Dry Docking of the William Inglis (8005-12-3184)
Construction of a New School - St. Andre Bessette Catholic E.S.
Tri Axle Dump Trucks (6038-12-0176)
Online Video Creative and Production (PR252557, TT2012V)
Air Compressor - Tow Behind (71-2012)
Competitive Intelligence Training Course (13-61493)
NCIA - Provide Software & Consultancy Support for Isaf Project "Provide Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Of the Isaf Secret Network - Phase1 (252628)
Supply of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel - October 2012 (12-Q81)
Repairs and Maintenance to Overhead Doors (12-Q83)
Accessible Ramp (252590; T-23-112)
Elevator Maintenance Services (P13-011)
Professional Services for Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation (9117-12-7225)
O-Train Expansion Project Railroad Construction (15212-94034-Q01)
Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS) Requirement (201300084; 252633)
Business Process Improvement Facilitator (86992-12-0135)
Analysis of the Incremental Burden On Canadian Retailers (252606; IC 401192)
Construction of a New Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Ambulance Base (AMB-01)
Farm for Sale
Limousine Chauffeur Services (W8160-120023/A)
Watermain Replacement - MTO Corridor (2012-T-124)
Road and Sidewalk Reconstruction and Watermain Replacement (C15-16-12(HW))
Washrooms renovations AT direct energy centre (12-076-27613)
Key Infrastructure Upgrades Project
Bridgeview I & II & Attic Insulation Upgrades
Fencing (2012-16)
Crane Hoist and Lifting Device Inspections At the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Oro Bio-solids Storage Facility (2012-121Q)
Rental of Snow Removal Equipment
Supply and Installation of Entry Doors, Head Office (C2012-068)
Theatre Rigging (T-043-12)
Supply & Delivery of One (1) New Roll-Off Hoist Mounted on a Tandem Axle Cab and Chassis (2012-067Q)
Full Demolition and Removal of the Existing Street Elevated Water Tower (PWD-WM-11-008)
Water Treatment Plant Facility Upgrades (2012-08)
Design Build - Construction of a New Highway (2012-3022)
Request for Information on Colonoscopy Supply (RFI_2012_114)
518 Dutton Drive Building Demolition (T2012-135)
Recreation Facility Concession Booth (F18-2012-01)
Passport Advantage Support Renewal (765)
Skate Sharpening and Hockey Pro Shop At Appleby Ice Centre and Mainway Arena (RFQ-12-21)
Supply, Installation and Service of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) (RFP-12-38)
Integrated Planning Consulting Services (2012-401P)
Administration Building Exterior Staining (003-2012)
Biomedical Knowledge Portal Hosting (RFPDC07092012A)
Professional (Project Management) and (Business Analysis Teaching Services) (RFPDC09042012)
Traffic Signal Upgrade (OSS_00343161)
Supply and Delivery of Highway Salt (2012-03)
UV Water Treatment and Maintenance Services (PWGSC09072012)
Purchase of Nexus 7K Network Cards (RFQ2011-P00300-A3-01)
Purchase and Maintenance for IBM Security Systems (ISS) Intrusion Detection System (IDS) (2011-P00300-9)
Metal Contaminated Soil Remediation (EQ447-131410/A)
Design Work for DIAL Lidar Instruments (KM061-12-1178, 252505)
Replacement Storage Area Network (SAN) (P-28-12, 252522)
NCIA - Provide Software & Consultancy Support for ISAF Project - Data Loss Prevention (DLP) of the ISAF Secret Network Phase 1 (NOI 2012/00010, 252628)
Pre-Qualification of Modular Construction Companies (12P358)
Wildlife Fencing (OSS_00341231)
Digital Audio & Video Recording System (P2012-47)
Hris/Financials Review (P25PW12844)
Audio Visual Equipment (12R243)
Hauling of Road Salt (PW-12-10)
Line Painting - Various Locations
Expression of Interest in the Development of a Residential Community (REOI-02-2012)
IT Strategy Services (AM2012-09 )
Overhead Door Service Contract and Replacement of Overhead Doors (2012-29)
Wellness Program (2012-30)
Snow Removal
Snow Removal
Air Mail Conveyance to The Yukon Region (177NN12MSV2; 251590)
Sodium Hypochlorite Storage System Upgrades (2012-102-CT)
Design, Supply and Installation of a Fabric Structure for Sand Storage in Bobcaygeon (2012-137-CT)
Supply and Delivery of Sidewalk Tractor (T-12-63)
Suppliers Quality Assurance Program Auditing Services (C-TD-120905)
Annual Plant Materials and Greenhouse Requirements (RFQ-85-12)
Supply and Deliver Icemelt to Various City Locations (RFQ 12-126)
Snow Clearing and Ice Control Services for Parks and Recreation Locations and the Brantford Municipal Airport (RFT 12-127)
Supply and Delivery of a New Four Wheel Drive Extendable Dipper Backhoe Loader (RFT 12-128)
Consulting Services - County Strategic Plan
Training Seminar (86120-12-0157)
Construction of River Road East Strugeon Creek Bridge Watermain And Sanitary Forcemain Relocation (212015-1)
Replacement of Protective Surfaces At the Listed Play Structures (REC 07-2012)
Sale of Finished Screened Yard Material Compost (RFD 12-125)
Public-side Lead Service Replacement in West Wartime Area - Dunkirk Road and Exeter Avenue (ENG12-36)
Digester Clean Out – R.O. Pickard Environmental Centre (23712-96871-T01)
HealthPRO NFS for Contracts Starting October 1 2013 (AB-2012-04606)
Construction and Testing of Substation and Electrical Distribution System (RFPDC07092012)
Call-In Equipment with Qualified Operators (RFQ 12-111)
SAP Plant Maintenance Mobility Project (3405-12-3007)
Installation of Backflow Preventers At Various Locations (PT 12-079)
Population Health Need Assessment (RFP#:HMHCOR023)
Centre Road Watermain
Grundy Lake Provincial Park Central Water System Replacement (252695 / OSS_00337158)
Maintenance for Netscout Devices (201202503)
Fire Hydrant Painting Contract (E08-HYD)
Design, Fabricate and Test Synthetic Aperture Radar Hardware (KM040-12-1200)
Solutions Based Professional Services - (tsps) Supply Arrangement Requirement for Qualified Tsps Sa (W7714-4500947343)
Satellite Equipment (RFQ 2012-0906-173)
Support and Maintenance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux S/W (ITS RFT 431)
Prequalification for Winter Operations Snow Plowing Services *Cancelled* (ISD12-18)
Microsoft Enterprise and / or Select Licenses Large Account Reseller (LAR) (UHNDPT002-1208140164)
Purell Hand Sanitizer (AS13-002T)
Agency Staffing for Emergency Department (GRH 2012-09-07; 252702)
Replacement signs and changes in various elementary schools (ECO2012-01S10; 252719)
Site Improvements At Family Units (RFT-HOU-19-12 ISSUE)
Vehicle - Purchase of Various Weight Class (6026-12-3190)
Purchase of Eight Latest Model Various Horsepower, Utility Tractors (6004-12-3189)
Rehabilitation of the George Street and Crescent Street Wharfs (T-36R-12)
Supply and Delivery of Automotive Batteries (C12-06-12)
Snow Clearing/Removal Services (equipment and Operator) With Standby (C11-55-12)
Haulage of Municipal Solid Waste, Rubble, Compost Overs and Vacuum Leaves (2012-542T)
Police Complex (700-2012)
Supply and Delivery of Printer, Plotter and Facsimile Machine Toner Cartridges and Inks (C12-12-12)
Hamilton Street Railway Travel Training for Accessible Transit Services (C11-28-12)
Removal of Scrap Metals (C12-10-12)
Minor Renovations To Coronation 50 Plus Recreation Centre (69-2012)
Landscape Maintenance, Snow Clearing, De-icing and Salt Management Services (2012-008T)
Demolition & Removal Old Cabins - Chippewa & Trowbridge Campgrounds
Cellular Services and Hardware (T12-92)
Supply of Backhoe Services and Other Associated Works (6038-12-7139)
Grangehill Phase 4 Trail Improvements (12-144)
Provision of Embossed Binders and Porfolios (2012428)
Supply of Surgical Microscope Systems and Four Years Extended Warranties (CW72988)
Additional Search Consultant Services (RFP12-392)
Sidewalks - Missing Links (Q12-347)
Fire Dispatch Services (2012-001)
Tree Trimming and Removal (20-2012)
Supply & Install Intersection Pedestrian Signals (PW-E-12-037)
Asphalt Removal With Saw Cutting of Existing Asphalt (OSS_00342127 , 252795)
Supply and Stockpile Granular A & 100 mm Minus (OSS_00341083)
Patients Entertainment and Multimedia System (SJ1213-29)
Eating Disorder Unit Renovations (12-020)
Compact Excavator
Parking Lot (2012-157 )
Hardware-cGTA Back End Solution's UAT & Staging Environments (UHNF0910-0104-1208210171)
Air Mobility Training Center Mod B Renovations (252373 , TR130003)
Municipal Land Use Planning Services
Bus Storage and Maintenance Facility (RFP-2012-BI-002)
Mobile Shelving Units for 160 Elgin (72038-110208/A)
Krembil Discovery Centre Furniture Fit-up (RFP027ae)
Real Estate Advisor Services (12-287C)
Health Sciences Campus Concrete Forming and Reinforcing Steel Prequalification (12905-003)
Supply and Delivery of a Ballast Regulator / Snow Switch Broom (PT-2012-TS-066)
Fitness Room Equipment (12028)
Marine Terminal Management Software (TPA1209)
Tree Pruning and Removal (CM12-35536)
Interior Fluorescent Light Audit (C2012-078)
Construction of Union Cemetery Mausoleum (RFQ C2012-081)
Pump Station Replacement and System Upgrades (2012-T-122)
Purchase of One (1) 2013 Model Year, Three Quarter Ton Cargo Van (F31-TPES-TS-FL-2012-27)
General Contractor For Premises Renovations (OSC201213M-05)
Health Centre Project – Various Renovations (1112)
One (1) Crew Cab Dump Truck 1750 Lbs / 7938 Kg, G.V.W. (2012-81)
Replacement Light Duty Trucks (OED2012-053)
Steam Boiler (OED2012-052)
Professional Consultant Services (ED 2012-044)
Confined Space Instructional Program (9135-12-7127)
Transformer Upgrade (EP777-131255/A)
A Screening Level Site Characterization Study (OSS_00334555)
Hosting and Development Services for Redesigning CATSA’s Websites (CSC12-0063)
National Competition: War of 1812 Monument (AL1335)
New 2012 One-Ton Truck Cab & Chassis (PWD-EQ-12-010)
E-Learning Course Development for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (L0197)
Light Fixture Replacement for Block C (CMCC-2021)
SOW Development Course for the Life Cycle Materiel Managers (DND-12/0021664)
Professional Environmental Engineering Services (01910-91843-S01A)
Cost Consultant Services (RFP-004)
Financial Audit Services ( 12-119)
A Primary Care Leader for the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE_LHIN_PCL_002_012)
TBIPS - Professional Services (2B0KB-13-1544)
TBIPS - Tier 1 - Professional Services (2B0KB-13-1553)
Foundation Waterproofing Repairs (T2012-133)
Intranet Redesign Project (2013-09-01i)
Sale of Miscellaneous Surplus Equipment (12-Q89)
Purchase of a Front-Load Automatic Parts Washer (12-Q86)
Supply and Delivery of 13 Vehicles (T-12-85)
Supply and Delivery of Parts for Polychem Chain and Flight (12-Q87)
Collection & Disposal of Waste & Recyclables From York Region Transit Facilities (P-12-91 )
Supply and Delivery of one (1) Re-Conditioned ITE, 600V Breaker (12-Q88)
Supply of Emergency Medical Services Uniforms (12-R17)
Weber Street Widening - Various Residential Building Demolitions (T2012-130)
Investment Funding (P-12-86)
Purchase of a Mid-sized 4x4 Cab and Half Pick Up (R12-613)
Preliminary Survey of Information Management Framework (L0215)
Full-size Three Quarter Ton 4 X 4 Extended Cab Pick Up (T12-611)
Parking Services - North York General Hospital (CW73011)
Accessibility Renovations - Unit 106 (T12- 217)
Coating of Elevated Tank, Antenna Mast Installations, and Safety and Miscellaneous Upgrade At Various Locations (T-11-25)
Stream 5: External Audit Services (PASS-2012-003)
Consulting Engineering Services Stormwater Servicing Study (R12-239)
Information Technology/informatics Cerner Configuration Services (RFSQ0186)
Demolition and Removal of Street (T12-191)
Performance Metrics Used By Canadian Police and How They Are Viewed By Police Boards (201301457)
Supply & Delivery of Rebuilt Bus Fuel Tanks and Cooling System Components (FA.49.708-12)
Information Gathering, Reporting and Analysis for Employee Exiting Process (201202208)
Miscellaneous Routing and Sealing Asphalt Pavements - 2012 (252696)
Consultant for Executive Level Support of Ipad Devices (2012-184P)
Management Plan for Burlington Heights Heritage Lands Area (677-14240)
General Maintenance, Pole Replacement, Installation and Replacement of Street Lighting Fixtures (2013-600)
Replacement of Roof (252-T-12)
CFIA - Senior Organization Development Consultant - TSPS (L0116 NPP)
Donor Recognition System (2012-049-am)
New Entry Canopy and Vestibule Expansion (252697)
Proposed Land Sale – Draft Approved Subdivision
Replacement Signs and Changes in Various Elementary Schools (ECO2012-01S10)
Freight Distribution Services (ITS RFP 429)
Roof Replacement of Flesherton Works Building (F18-2012-10)
Renovations of the HSN - North Tower Level 1
Chemotherapy Facility Upgrade (122-12423-00)
County Road 22 (London Line) Curb Construction (2012-23)
Frankford Wastewater Treatment Plant - Headworks Upgrade
IT Enterprise Scheduling Solution (1129372-12)
IT Enterprise Monitoring Solution (1129348-12)
Supply and Delivery of Silica Micro Sand (T-082-12)
Supply and Delivery of (21) Electronic Weigh Scales (1130085-12)
Prefabricated Steel Shelter (supply, Delivery & Installation)
Aluminum Door and Window Replacement At Various Living Sites (2012-529T)
Dundas Street Pathway
Install, Test and Commission of a Welded Razor Mesh Fence Solution Required
Groves park lodge, long term care facility - phase 2
Evening Janitorial Services (2012-532T)
Supply, Deliver, Install, Maintenance User Radio Equip (2012-454P)
Brick Masonry Repair (C2012-080)
Trail Reconstruction (C2012-079)
Pool Chemicals (DPC1202)
Bridge Street Pump Station Upgrades (NG12-19)
Supply of Banking Services (12-156)
Supply, Delivery and Maintenance of Technology, Peripherals and Shrink-Wrap Software for a Two (2) Year Period (2012-094)
Corporate Time Recording Solution (12-40)
Streetscape Improvements (T12045)
Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (154-R-12)
Regional Watermain Relocation (Q12-068)
Watermain Leak Detection Services - Cooperative (Q12-048)
Exterior Restoration of the CPR Station Phase 2 (T12-22)
Demolition of the International Hockey Hall of Fame Building (F31-TPES-RCS-2012-13)
Window Replacement (12-22049)
Replacement of Switchboard Console (12-066)
Pearson Plaza Development
Winter Sand 2012 (2012-09)
Ionization Radiation Technical Support (NRE1225)
Janitorial Services (2012-PROPERTY-11)
Surplus Assets Sale
Food Services Equipment (034)
Inspection and Preventative Maintance of Elevating Devices (092)
Stone Sidewalk (2012 )
Portable Radios (433)
Tower Street Bridge Replacement (CW2012-014)
Misc Steel, Trench Covers, Building Lintels (7000001633)
DE Strain Plate for X10S Skywire Peak (7000001632)
Aggregate – Sudbury Elm Street (7000001616)
Fire Quenching Stone Lennox TS (7000001602)
Office Equipment and Supplies (7000001601)
Crew Accommodation in Sarnia (PR252969, 201208010)
Crew Accommodation in Windsor (PR252968, 201208009)
Office Equipment and Supplies (7000001584)
Office Equipment and Supplies (7000001583)
Fire Life Safety - 3500 Carling Campus (PR252967, 2012-FLS-00895-000-PW)
Fasteners (7000001577)
Orillia Opera House - Restoration Plan
Packaging and Storage (7000001565)
Supply and Delivery of Metal Halide Light Fixtures (PR252961, PT-2012-BF-086)
Office Equipment and Supplies (7000001565)
Signs ( 7000001555)
2012 Sidewalk and Concrete Repair Phase One (2012-02)
Tracked Feller Buncher (7000001545)
Burlington TS - Paving (7000001542)
Transformer Anti-Vibration Springs Type (7000001532)
MARK 6A OF DWG L82124-D2S-25133-0337-01 (7000001528)
Hanmer TS – Steel Structures IT-155A (7000001527)
Steel Structures ( 7000001526)
Supply of Trans Stat Structure -Doane DS (7000001520)
Fuse Box Steel Support - Bruce ( 7000001518)
Tower Steel Ottawa (7000001516)
IT Staffing Services (7000001511)
IT Staffing Services - 7000001510 (7000001510)
Supply of Battery Station Store - 250V DC - 660 AH - 115 Cells (7000001490)
Project Lead, Outsourcing Services - AD (7000001494)
Transformer Cooling Fans (7000001466)
Structural Support Steel (7000001463)
Split Multi Rev Grounding Device (7000001459)
Confidentiality Agreement (7000001451)
Midhurst Razor Fence (7000001449)
Jet A Aviation Grade Fuel (7000001448)
Oshawa Wilson TS-Steel (7000001447)
Motor Mimic Resistor, Strip Heater (7000001437)
Signs (7000001429)
42 FT Single Bucket Aerial Device (7000001427)
Metal Clad Switchgears (7000001376)
Integrated Modular Distribution Station (7000001280)
General Contracting Zone 2 (7000001213)
Supply of Cube Trucks (P32PM12799)
Construction Monitoring & Specialized Geotechnical Services (7000001185)
Elevator Modernization (PR252915, 131784)
Supply of Union Made Uniform Shirts/Blouses for 1 Year (T36CJ12129)
Networking Components for Renovations – Cisco Switches (PR252914, 2011-P00330-A3-1)
Aluminium Base Transformer Pads (7000001143)
ED Observation Desks 1&2 Renovations (PR252894, 0925 AS2)
Greenwood Yard - Training Pre-fab Facility (P31PQ12818, PR251780)
Gatekeeper Training Program Triennial Services (P31PT12819)
PCB Waste Trans. & Disposal Confidential Agreement (7000000881)
Supply of Track Enclosures for Up To a 3 Year Term (M06CA12126)
Gas Detection System Upgraded (PR252876, NPP2012-023)
Provision for Check Point Firewall Software Maintenance (P25CE12143)
Supply of Track Ties for Up To a 3 Year Term (M06CA12127)
Food Services (PR252901, 32989)
Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Process Management Tool/Service (PR252898, 2012-P00122a)
Municipal Services Improvements - Crestcombe/Springbank (P12-103)
Tandem Axle Tractor Lease (12-75)
Electrical Underground Utilites Relocation - Conduit and Cable Tray (PR252896, 1000192PQ16C)
Supply & Delivery of Fire Apparatus (12-32)
Kalmo Road Bridge Repair (ISD12-43)
Interior Alterations for Centennial Hall (Q12-68)
Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Upgrade for Hangar 4 (PR252877, 2036016)
Clarington TS (7000001231)
Foundry Street Watermain Improvements, Lasalle Blvd To Tracks (ENG12-6)
Airport Security and Customer Services (GDD12-22)
Restoration of Courtyard Fountain Repairs (PR252871, 128549)
High-rise Crawspace Storm and Sanitary Drainage Pipe Replacement (PR252878, CW12-35538)
Sale of Land
Extend Existing Kitchen Exhaust Fan System (PR252825, CW11-22242)
Supply Landscaping Products/Materials (PR252812, 2036108)
Circuit H2JK Relocation (7000001166)
Municipal Services Improvements (P11-004)
Commvault Support Renewal and License Purchase (IT-062)
Development of Line Cook Instructor's Guide Components (15423)
Development of Event Coordinator Instructor’s Guide Components (15430)
Selective Full Depth Repairs, Partial Depth Repairs and Granular Rounding (OSS_00342390)
Revitalization - Back of Front Street (PW 12-14)
Mixing of Winter Sand and Salt, and As Required Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride, and Placing in Sand Domes (T-283-2012)
Provision for Maintenance Renewal of Veritas Symantec (P25CE12141 )
Granular Sealing for Various Locations (OSS_00343067)
DV1078 Lab Reno - Benchwork Services (UTM 2012-13-15)
Spray Foam Rim Joists and Foundation Walls Various RHU’s (HAMBN60)
Provision for the Supply & Servicing of Parts Cleaning Stations (P31BK12139 )
Internal and External painting of Cultural Centre - Lighting
Supply of Personal Printers (2012-127-1-RR)
Used Fuel Packing Plant Throughput Study (DS251-2012)
Monitoring and Sampling of Groundwater Wells and Deep Bedrock Boreholes (D-DC-17-2012)
Fire Protection Engineering Support Services (D-DC-16-2012)
Design, Print and Distribution of Park Tabloids to 14 Specified Ministry Parks (OSS_00323027)
2012 Grinding and Resurfacing (CO-12-08)
Resurfacing and Shouldering (2012-4276)
Provide On-base Jet Fuel Storage (NOI 2012/00013)
Winter and Summer Maintenance and Minor Rehabilitation Including Management and Supervision (AMC 2012-19)
Potato Seed Tags (L0359)
Guiderail Improvements (OSS_00343273)
Milling and Hot Mix Paving (2012-5658)
Inspection and Repair of POL Facilities (W0113-110569/A)
Developing Fill Raises Amd Waste Rock Clean Up and Other Miscellaneous Work Kam Kotia Mine (OSS_00339095)
Door-to-Door Delivery of Approximately 25,000 BlueBoxes (12-130 )
B & W Digital Printing/Offset Printing Services (2012 - #006)
Winter Operated Equipment Sand Spreaders (OSS_00343773)
Next-Generation Computed Tomography Type X-Ray Equipment (CSO11-4385-12)
District Energy Chiller Unit (RFP 84-12)
Professional Research Services for Community and Employee Satisfaction Surveys (2012-475P)
High-resolution Bright Field and Fluorescent Microscope Slide Scanner (2012 09 050 LH)
Purchase of an Emergency Response Vehicle - EMS (12-T51)
Supply and Delivery of Two Chevy Tahoe Special Duty Vehicles (C10-04-12)
Supply and Delivery of Screened Topsoil (12-T50 )
Website Technical Implementation (P-12-75)
Harnesses for Hard Armour Plates and Protective Carrier Bags (252950, OPP-0558)
Pre-qualification of External Full Service Legal (P-12-116)
Pedestrian Bridge Construction - Victoria Park Lake (Q12-069)
Off-site Records Storage and Retrieval Services (P-12-96)
ADCP Profiler (PW-$TOR-302-6008, KW405-120567/A)
Supply and Delivery of Culvert Products (T-26-2012)
Remedial Replacement of Roof Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G (C13-70-12)
Spectroradiometer (PW-$$PV-943-61190 , HT227-122692/A)
Construction of the Stoney Creek Parkette At the Corner of King St. & Jones St. (C13-57-12)
SCADA Master Plan Implementation Phase III Remaining Legacy Site Upgrades (C13-05-12)
Annland Street Pedestrian Lighting (T-25-2012)
Enterprise Fleet Asset Management Solution for City (C2-06-12)
Asphalt Resurfacing Program (T12-21 )
Replacement of Heating/Ventilation Units at Elmvale Arena (20120912)
Synchro Intersection Analysis (Q12-31)
Parking Lot Paving, Store (C2012-070)
Exterior Upgrade Store (C2012-064)
Shell Building and Interior Fit-Up Store (T2012-036)
Insurance Services
Cleaning Intake Pipe, Rosehill Water Treatment Plant (2012-T-35)
City Parking Garages Elevator Modernization and Maintenance (F31-TPES-TR-PO-2012-4)
CCTV Inspections & Flushing (RFT 83-12)
Interior & Exterior Floating Stop Log Cleaning & Painting (10120634)
Install Air Exchanger in Existing Building (PA082119)
Interior Renovations in Residential Housing Units (PA13602)
Minor Recap to Residential Housing Units (KN13603)
Sale of Surplus Equipment - Tandem Truck (2012-09)
Fuel (2012-14)
Vitreoretinal/Cataract Extraction System (751)
Screened Winter Sand (2012-15)
Merx Summary for Clayton Lake Dam Safety Upgrades (OSS_00337582)
Dam Safety Upgrades (OSS_00337582)
Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades for 2 Signal Squadron (IE130081)
Elevator Modernization (P158-12-131)
Install Chain Link Security Fence (PA093750)
NSPA - Provide CIS Equipment (NOI 2012/00012)
NSPA Provide Waste Water Treatment Plant (NOI 2012/00011)
Remediation Plan for Finlayson Tunnel (OSS_00335878)
Banking Services 2012
Replacement of Swing Bridge (EQ754-131283/A)
ITS Consulting Services - ERP Systems Strategic Review (RFP-12-16)
Hard Landscaping (251-T-12)
New Union Park Construction (211-T-12)
Clarkway Drive Reconstruction and Widening (2012-063)
Supply, Delivery and Rental of Propane and Propane Cylinders (233-Q-12)
Servicing, Supply & Delivery of Parts to City Owned Pools (234-Q-12)
Rental of Graders and Operators, Fall 2012 - Spring 2014 (Q 12 - 21)
Common Area Flooring Replacement (Q 12- 23)
Professional Services (W7714-135710/A)
Snow Removal & Ice Control (2012-06-19 Snow Removal &)
Maintenance and Minor Improvement Services On Married Military Quarters (HAMBN21)
Snow Shovelling Services (UWORRQ03-12221)
Supply and Install Steel Single Beam Guide Rails and Extruder Type End Treatments at Various Locations (2012-62)
Custodial Services (2012-034-CC)
Loading Dock Retaining Wall *Cancelled* (RFQ 104-2012)
Sale of 2 EMS Vehicles (78/1-2012)
Organizational Review of the Corporation of the City (2013 Forward) (RFP12-32)
Recreation & Facilities Services Custodial Equipment (RFP12-33)
Campsite Electrification (OSS_00332526)
Front Loader (23WE-2012)
Pete Palangio Arena Dehumidification (2012-80)
Washroom Building (RFT 12-31)
Timber Harvest (38-12)
Medication Management Clinical Specialist (PR253130; RFP2012-P00253-01)
Pearson Plaza Site Preparation (2012-10)
Snow Clearing, Removal & Ice Control (LKDSB 43-01-13)
Johnston Drain Culvert Replacement
Snow Removal Services (PR253123; PWGSC09142012)
Consulting Services to Determine the Optimum location for a New Emergency Services Facility (2012-66)
Demolition of Recreation Centre
Consulting Services for Preparation of the Special Policy Area (SPA) Study (2012-54)
Clinical Specialist (PR253107; RFP201200253)
2012 Hospital Infrastructure Renewal Funding (HIRF) Project
Grass Cutting
Consulting Services - Public Art Plan and Policy (QBRFP2012-40)
Sale of Nortel/Avaya Phone Equipment (S2012-01)
2012 In-Place Processing & Paving Program (2124258A)
HVAC Upgrades - Fire Station No. 1 (2012-058)
Replacement of Windows City Hall Annex Building (2012-055)
Continuing Education Calendar & Part-time Studies Guide - Winter 2013 - Printing Services (2012-48)
Service Supplier for Employee/Physician Engagement Survey (1077, PR253120)
Supply and Delivery of One (1) Diesel Powered Forklift Truck (PR253113; PT-2012-BFS-076)
Sheet Metal Services (PR253111; P31PA12755)
Electrical Power and Communications Consulting Services (PR253100; 0130914)
Licenses for IBM Jazz/ALM Suite of Tools (PR253068; 2012-P00241)
Systems Development Lifecycle I&IT Consulting Services (253036, OSS_00333425)
IT Consulting Team (253027, 1000140772)
IBM Software Support & Maintenance (2012-186Q)
Annual Fuel Tank Inspection (PR253030; 2012-50)
Senior NET Programmer Analyst Position (PR253034; 2012-13Q)
Siebel and Ecustomer Tester Services (PR253032; 2012-13V)
Insurance Broker (PR253028; 0513-2012)
Implementation of a Wireless Internet Service (1000307531)
Sale of Surplus Equipment (T-11-2012)
Snow Removal (PR253014; PacWest-2012-03-CPC)
Janitorial Services (PR252998; PT-2012-BBS-083)
Patrol Garage Demolition (253082, OSS_0000341814)
Winter Sand (RO 12-024 )
Parking Lot Expansion (PR252946; 1009126)
Supply and Delivery of 2013 Seasonal Vehicles (T-533-2012)
Portable Toilet Rental (W3699-12117B/A)
GBAPPC The Co Operative Business Link
One (1) Regenerative Air Street Sweeper (FLE 18-2012 )
Swabbing of Watermains (Q-12-69)
Building Services Support (1075; PR253004)
Oncology RFP - Anastrozole (AB-2012-04711, 05102012)
Drainage Pipe Upgrade (TT123023)
Vehicle Beacon Lights, Universal Vehicle Roof Retaining Straps (46NG12KZNN59)
Supply and Delivery of Corporate Letterhead Stock and Mayor's Envelope At the Town of Oakville (Q-42-2012)
R10 Storm Water Management (HALKN64)
Consulting Services - Sediment Management Study for Oakville and Bronte Harbours (Prop-28-2012)
Social Media Audit- Stakeholder (L0236)
Structural Lining of 254mm Cast Iron Watermain (2012-PSG-004 )
General Consulting Services REFRESH 2012 Vendor of Record Arrangement (RFP-2012-2011-2)
Cricket Field Improvements at Glenashton Park (Q-60-2012)
Dielectric, Mechanical/Hydraulic, Acoustic Tests & Specialized Equipment Testing/Engineering Service (T2012-N-21)
Cctv Inspection of Sanitary and Storm Sewers (T-2012-03)
Digital Signage System (23-452-CWL)
IV Infusion Contracts (AB-2012-04659)
Above Ground Bulk Gasoline and Aviation Jet Fuel Storage Tanks (OSS_00338543, 252819)
Cooperative Supplier Outreach - Free Seminar (123)
Hot Mix Paving and Granular Shouldering (OSS_00341174, 252879)
Exterior Patio
A Workflow Review Of The Dietary Department (Includes Process Mapping) At Fairmount Home
Split A/C Systems
HVAC Renovations at the Animal Shelter (Cont. 2012-091)
Carolina Woods Kinsmen Ball Diamond Access
Metal Filing & Storage Cabinets (1000295697)
Veterinarian Supplies (695)
Supply and Delivery of One Four Wheel Street Sweeper (2012-146-CT)
Renovations to the Sturgeon Point Patrol Building (2012-135-CT)
Winter Maintenance for Parking Lots and Driveways (2012-149-OT)
Personal Protection Ballistic Hard Armour Standalone Plates for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP-0670)
New Aerial Bucket Truck (13-005)
Auto Hauler (W0114-13Q099/A)
Western Student Recreation Centre (WSRC) Fitness Equipment (UWORFP13-12-018)
Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System - Standing Agreement (13-008)
One (1) Articulated 4- Wheel Drive Front End Loader (PW-FF-12-12)
Solar Powered Lighting of the Features along Veterans Memorial Parkway (Q12-70)
Actuarial Valuation of Non-Pension Benefits, Experience Study for Non-Pension (9171-12-7100)
Purchase and Removal of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bottles (9203-12-3196)
Block Pruning of Street Trees (PRS 2012-60)
Purchase and removal of oversized Bulky Mixed Plastic Products (9203-12-3194)
Supply & Delivery of Ford Automotive & Truck Parts & Service (T2012-N-20)
Furnace Oil (F31-FS-PS-2012-11)
Traffic Signal Rebuild Dundas Street and Talbot Street Intersection (12-75)
Supply and Installation of Fencing Various Cemeteries (RFQ62-2012)
Surplus Used Equipment (003-2012)
Fire Alarm System Upgrade - Pioneer Ridge (049-2012)
Supply & Deliver Up To Two (2) New High Roof Cargo Vans (048-2012)
Certified Electrical Services (045-2012)
Allanburg TS Manhole (7000001652)
Supply and Installation Services (Q12-009)
Prequalification for General Contractors for New Construction, Renovation and Restoration (3907-12-5042)
Salt For Water Softeners Across Various Locations For The Region Of Halton (Q-118-12)
Consulting Services for the Provision of Geotechnical and Material Testing Services for Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation Review (P-525-12)
Prefab Building for Pinard (7000001626)
Connectors - Doble Test 230KV (7000001619)
Wiring Supplies (7000001635 )
Sunnidale Road Transmission Watermain (2012-107T)
Pool Viewing Area Renovations - Ajax Community Centre (T12047)
Thornhill Woods Park Walkway Extension (Q12-178)
600mm Watermain on Edgedale Road and Eastchester Avenue (2011-T-118(RN 11-18))
Development and Operation of a Children's Amusement Area, including Rides, Food and Merchandise Concession Outlets (9119-12-7173)
Training Video – Integrated Accessibility Standards (12-336)
Fibre Optics Cable Splicing & Contract Network Support Services (Prop-2012-02)
Provision of American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services (9112-12-7118)
Assorted Pipes, Valves and Fittings (7000001604)
Crack Treatment on Asphalt Roads (2012-500T)
Steel Support Recloser - Alexander DS (7000001596)
External Audit Services (09-18-2012)
Baden Wastewater Pumping Station Access Road Extension (Q2012-1130)
Animal License Tags (Q12073)
Reconstruction of Queen Street, George Street and Skeen Street, Belwood (T-14-12)
Supply,Install,Support Non/Multifunctional Devices (2012-578P)
Playground Sand, Low Maintenance (3920-12-0072)
Supply and Delivery of DeZurich BHP High Performance Butterfly Valves (12-Q90)
Supply of High Performance Cold Mix Asphalt (12-T52 )
Simal Pyrex Tubing (0505-12-0192)
Locks and Locksmith Services (6307-12-0191)
Mercedes Sprinter Van-Type Truck (6112-12-3191)
Locks and Locksmith Services (6307-12-0191)
Purchase and Removal of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) (9203-12-3197)
Software/Hardware Solution to Enhance Interview Day Services for Co-op Education/Career Action (12-064)
Snow Removal Parkade/Chipman Street Parking Lot 2012/2013
Municipal Office Cleaning/Custodial Services Contract
Supply and Installation Services (Q12-010)
Photographs And/ or Original Artwork for the 2013 Hospitality Alliance Calendar
Snow Plowing Municipal Streets 2012-2013
Small Dump Truck
Fire Hall #4 Metal Dome Roof Repairs (12-74)
Tandem Trucks for Snow Removal Operations for the 2012/2013 Winter Season
Monument Repairs & Restoration Various Cemeteries (72-2012)
Historic Houses 1,6 and 8 New Roofing (12-09-14)
Security Services (RFP2012-128)
Ornamental Iron Work (OT1213)
West Block Rehabilitation Project - Interior Masonry Repairs Prequalification (1000192PQ04D.1)
180 Wellington Request for Qualifications - Terrazzo Flooring (1304 - 022 Terrazzo Floor)
180 Wellington Request for Qualifications - Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone Walls and Flooring (1304-021 Stone Walls/Flrs)
180 Wellington Request for Qualifications - Resilient Flooring (1304-020 Resilient Floor)
180 Wellington Request for Qualifications - Carpet (1304 - 019 Carpet RFQ)
Parking Garage Restorations, Goyeau Garage 1 (RFT 93-12)
Janitorial Cleaning Services at PAS North (Z12-3478)
Medical Day Care and Same Day Surgery Renovations (12-83)
Cisco Core Infrastructure Equipment (M12-3482)
Install and Replace De-Aerator Tank (CL77494)
Snowploughing and Salting (T78-2012)
Website Analysis, Design and Support (CAO-2012-03)
Disposal of IT Assets (12-152)
Construction of a Plant Process Operations Centre (12-159)
Merger Facilitation and Senior Project Management Services (IESO_RFP_0173)
Drupal Web Hosting Services (253214; 25612-92039-P01)
Rental & Cleaning of Coveralls & Shop Coats (FA.49.826-12)
Professional Executive Search Services (FA.49.790-12)
Tower Bridge Replacement Bridge 18055 (CW2012-014)
Eurasia Structures (30 (2012-09))
Digester Cleaning: Georgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant Secondary Digester and Holding Tank (S-2154(B13)-12)
Supply and Installation of Electronic Classrooms - Audio Visual Systems and Supplier Qualification (253287)
Development of an Algorithm for Blending Satellite Precipitation Estimates (KM040-12-1182)
Coveralls, Overalls Rental (W3699-12143B/A, PW-$TOR-201-6012)
Ramp Transport Assitance (TOH-2012-69, 253243)
Social Media Strategy (006-2012)
Replacement Roof (RFT-HOU-21-12 ISSUE)
Richmond Hill Pumping Station Upgrades (P-11-117)
Nash Road Ditch Improvements (CL2012-26)
Underground Installation of Utilities and Streetlights (PWT 20-12)
Skivereen Subdivision - Outstanding Deficiencies (Q-12-93)
4th St. East Sydenham River Stormwater Outfall (T12-23)
Electrical, Insulation and Kitchen upgrades in Residential Housing Units (HAMPA62)
Caledon Equestrian Park - Siteworks Phase 1 (2012-04)
Richmond Hill Pumping Station Upgrades (T-12-24)
Electronic Sign (252981)
Language Training (RFI 12-22054)
Supply and Install of Liners into Chimneys (2013-14-Q)
Structural Douglas Fir (5P315-120314/A)
New Financial System (RFP 2012-0918-175)
Platform Bed (12-09-11)
Vending Equipment/ Machine Services (CW69605 )
Exam Lights (12-09-17)
Chiropody Chair (12-09-18)
Modifications To Heating and Air Conditioning Systems (2012-081)
Security Products & Locksmith Services (12-057)
Gas Chromatograph with Mass Selective Detetor (GC-MSD) (K8A21-120142/A)
High Angle Rope Rescue Equipment (C10-08-12)
Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance and Inspection Services at Various Facilities
Aerological Balloons (K3D33-121016/A)
One (1) Fire Prevention Work Van (WFES 04-2012)
Roof Replacement (T-756-2012)
One (1) New Transportation SUV (WFES 03-2012)
Snowplowing Services
Prequalification for Construction of the Upgrades To the North and East Remaining SCADA System (748-2012)
Preparation of a Business Case To Support the Need To Accelerate the Expansion of Highway 417 Within the County (2012-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT)
Bollard Sleeve (OT1213, PR253277)
Epoxy Flooring (1304-023, PR253290)
Replacing the Distribution Piping Hot Water Heater for Catholic Elementary School St Genevieve (SGN2013GB01)
Provide Inspection and Testing Services for Designated Substances (2012-067, 253332)
Structural Stabilization of Stores Building (10120583, 253338)
Quality Assurance Specialist/analyst, Level 2 (140331, 253317)
Centralized Travel Booking Services (AC_010, PR253280)
Supply and Delivery of Various Hewlett-Packard Printers and Extended Hardware Support (PT-2012-IT-089, PR253308)
Reservation System / Booking Engine (RFP2012-08-BOOKSYS, PR253309)
Traffic Stop Race Based Data Collection Specialist (26412-91832-P07)
Lease or Purchase of Ford Transit Connect Delivery Vehicles (13-011)
Cisco Certified Gold Partner for Supply of Cisco Hardware, Software, Smartnet (2012-053, 253351)
Laboratory Supplies (OSS_00341708, 253374)
Design/Build Storage Structure At Priddle Rock (OSS_00345153, 253350)
Producing Learning Videos, Web Conferencing Services And/or Providing Educational Website Services (OSS_00346201)
CPD Educator (SJ1213-23, 253323)
Auditing Services - Financial (2012-49, 253373)
Supply of Safety Footwear (P08AL12146)
Large Format Reprographic Services (P01CB12120)
Supply of Maintenance Work Clothing (P08AL12145)
Supply of Safety Prescription Eyewear (P08AL12144)
Provision of Television Broadcasting Services At Various Locations (PR253315, PT-2012-WR-078)
Modernizing Land Based Gaming (1213-001, PR253364)
Laptops (2012-13X, PR253366)
Cost Planning Consultant Services (RFP20130919, PR253375)
Thunder Bay Airport Northside Expansion (12-1463-002, PR253376)
Real Estate Advisor Services for the Ontario Place Revitalization (12-300P, PR253380)
Paddon Municipal Drain 2012 Improvements (MSW020167)
Parking Lot Paving, Building 337,346 & 475 (WA12982-1; 253355)
Site Improvements (CW2012-051 )
Depot Transfer Contract
Chemical Analysis of Water Samples At Environmental Control Laboratory On an As Required Basis (2012-345T)
Pharmacy Renovations Project (12-56; 253339)
Minor Recap - Residential Housing Units (TR13602; 253345)
Replacement of Existing Parking Lot & Driveway Lighting (T-12-79)
Animal Services Loyalty Rewards Program (066-R-12)
Supply, Delivery & Installation of Structured Data Cabling Infrastructure (FA.49.313-12)
Concrete Pads (2012-095; 253300)
Roadside Ditching
DESIGN- BUILD: Construction of a Salt Storage Facility
Consulting Services for the Washroom/Splash Pad (12-160)
Online Survey for Advertising and Advertising-Related Services (602-2009)
Site Service (12-162)
Employee Assistance Program (2012-490P)
Roof Systems Replacement at Whillian's Gate (2012-536T)
Boulevard Soil Trenching Including, Excavation & Removal of Existing Boulevard Soil & the Supply & Installation of New Specified Soil & Sod At Varioiu (T-12-63)
Design Feasibility Study (1110-13-001)
Preparation of a YRT/Viva Operations/control Centre Standard Operating Procedures Manual (P-12-128)
Prequalification of General Contractors for Redevelopment of Serveries (P-12-145)
Municipal Garage Addition (2112660A)
Replacement of Existing Water Plant - Algonquin/ Water System and Comfort Station -tea Lake (OSS_00332403)
Sanitary Sewer/Watermain Replace on Various Streets (2012-301T; 11-2330 12-1345 B-1)
Prequalification for Construction of the Queensville West Sewage Pumping Station (P-12-141)
Energy Management Program and Building Systems Support (12-051)
Roof Modifications Store #403 - Port Carling (C2012-072)
Pre-Qualification - Three Public Art Opportunities on Front Street East in the West Don Lands (2012-39)
Equipment Rental For Winter Operations
Sale of Land
Fire Station #1 Roof Replacement
Emery-Keelesdale Nurse Practitioner- Led Clinic Renovation
Construction of the New Daycare
Detailed Design, Contract Administration and Site Inspection Services for the Upgrades for Kleinburg Wells Number 3 and 4 Project (P-12-135)
Hauling Salt for the 2012-2013 Winter Season (PW-12-12)
Supply and Stockpile Screened and Washed Coarse Sand (PW-13-12)
Roof Replacements, Kelso Beach Washroom, Greenwood Cemetery Chapel (Q12-25)
Plowing Municipal Buildings and Equipment Quotation for Snow Removal
2012 Miscellaneous Sidewalk Replacement
2012 Tax Sale Properties
Corporate Brand Identity Design (logo)
Consulting Services for the Class Environmental Assessment, Detailed Design, Tendering and Contract Administration for the Diversion of Three Sanitary (RFP-716-2012)
Three (3) 45,400 Litre Fuel Storage Tank Systems (OSS_00343621; 253477)
Selective Resurfacing (OSS_00345574)
Paint Spray Booth Maintenance (W0113-120044/A; PW-$TOR-302-6024)
Municipal Financial Software System
Electro Optic Mount (W6399-12DF40/A; PW-$$QF-100-23187)
Driveway Replacement (HAMKN33)
Office Renovations Building 201 (DC116567)
Server Hardware Maintenance (673)
Gradient Coil and Shim Set for Small Animal MRI (RFP# 775)
Construction General Contractors, Mechanical, Electrical, Formwork & Precast Concrete Contractors (077)
Consultant for Preparation of Community Improvement Plan (RFP 2012 - 56)
Supply, Delivery and Mixing of Screened Winter Sand (PW2012-09)
Provide Modular Office Facility for Integrated Personnel Support Center (CA134937)
Online Encyclopaedia in French and English for Grades 4 - 12 (OSS_00342926; 253467)
Portable Scanners (1000307844; 253423)
Website Re-design (12-07)
Demolition / Deconstruction of Five Ottawa West End Properties (AL1363)
Electrical Contractor Services (E6TOR-12RM02/B)
Sandwiches & Box Lunches (W0107-12WS15/B; PW-$PET-902-1201)
Integrated Municipal Parking-Handheld Units and Software (RFI-81-2012)
Rooftop Unit Replacement Civic Recreation Centre (T-20-2012 )
One (1) 2013 Model Year, Single Axle Truck w/11ft Enclosed Dump Body, 4x2, DRW (F31-TPES-TS-FL-2012-28)
Sale of Land
Disc Jockey/ Video Jockey Services (628)
Advisory Services on TSSA’s Risk Informed Decision Making (03 - 0912)
Garage Heating Upgrade - No. 1 Fire Station (2012FA01T)
Silent Auction of Used Parks & Facilities Equipment/Material
Equipment Rental (2012 )
One (1) 13,500 GVW (6136 KG) Dump Truck - Gasoline Powered (2012WA05T)
Employee Benefits Broker and Consulting Services (28/12)
Supply and Installation of Video Surveillance System
Preparation of a Tertiary Plan for the Benson/Hunt Avenue Area (97-12)
Consultant Design Services Airport Infrastructure Expansion (F31-TPES-AP-2012-1)
Tecumseh NVC Expansion - Foundation (1016451-210171-0049)
Engineering Assistance for Arterial Road Reconstruction - Environmental Assessment and Design
Snow Removal (P2012-48)
One (1) 15,000 GVW (6803 KG) Service Truck - Gasoline Powered (2012WA06T)
Airport In-Field Hangar – Area 13 (CYSN-A13)
Occupational Health Services Provider (2036176)
One (1) Polyethylene Dump Box Salter/spreader Tailgate Mounted With Electric Controls
Security Services (12-31)
Grading of 2 - 110 X 80 Soccer Fields (U12-28)
Airport Management and Operation Services (AIR 12-02)
Electrical Substation for Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Stage 1 and 2 Upgrade and Refurbishment Projects (T-12-29)
Parking By-law Enforcement - Municipal Parking Lots & Meters (2012AF01P)
Dark Sky Compliant Street Light Supply (12-23)
Fire Hose and Fittings (RFQ73-2012 )
Canoes, Kayaks and Accessories (W0125-12T004/A; PW-$KIN-508-5926)
Engineering Services for Design, Specifications, and Project Management for a Sand/salt Storage Building (PW 12-22)
Security Services - Civic Centre (2012AD01P)
Sale of One (1) Tandem Axle Snow Plow, 2002 International Paystar 5600i (PW-12-12)
Merchant Services for Internet Gaming, Land-based Gaming and Lottery Services (1213-063)
Lateral Patient Transfer Systems (9-20-2012; 253414)
Concrete Curb & Sidewalk Construction Program (2012-10)
Engineering Services for Traffic Signal-controlled Pedestrian Crosswalk & Traffic Signal Control Box (PW 12-21)
2012 to 2015 Snow Clearing Program (2012-23)
New Elevator Construciton (PR253540)
Modular (portable) Arena Office Building (2012-33)
Cisco Products (2012-P00182C)
Dell Storage and Server (2012-P00182B)
Solaris Container Host Oracle (2012 P 00182A)
Roadside Safety Devices (40-12)
Debt Collection Services (178NN12VHSB608)
Review/recommendation & Replacement of Heating Boilers, HVAC Units & Hot Water Storage (RCCS-2012-01)
Parking Management Services (2012-43)
Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park - Phase 3 - Landscape Works (T-28-2012)
Replace Main Electrical Breaker and Primary Switchgear (158800)
Audit and Inspection of Chemical Storage (2012-Q-04)
Streetlight Services (2012-32-T-EPW)
Technical Consultant To Support the Management of Natural Gas and Thermal Facility Contracts Including Cogeneration Facilities (RFP/ER/0912/390)
Technical Support for Nuclear Senior Executives (N-AMC-20120921)
Design-Build Contractors for Canfield Fire Station (HHCA-12-1148)
Provincial Offences Administration Part I and Part II Prosecution Services
Granular Road Conversion – Drainage Works – Phase 2 (ES 12-037)
Tree Planting (12-Q85)
Supply and Delivery of Traffic and Street Signs (12-Q92 )
Supply and Installation of Carpet Tiles (12-T53)
Supply & Delivery of Bulk Fuels (12-54)
Supply and Installation of Rbh Technologies Equipment and Key Watcher System At Various Facilities (2012-088, 253494)
Handheld K or Ka Band Stationary Speed Measuring Devices for the Provincial Police (OPP-0705, 253552)
Telephone Conversation Recording Solutions (OFA-SCSD-PJ-01-2012-007, 253515)
Attachmate 3270 Emulation Software Support and Maintenance (201202695, 253452)
Snow Plowing and Salting (T12-369)
Supply & Delivery of Motorola Minitor V Pagers (or Equivalent) (RFQ-12-24)
Improvements to Maple Leaf Park (ECD-MLP-01)
Retail Food Services (GRH 2012-09-20, 253527)
Two Extended Cab 1/2 Ton Pick-up Trucks; One Tractor for Sidewalk Maintenance; One 17,500 Lbs Utility Dump Truck With Interchangeable C/w Packer Box (12-044, 12-046, 12-048, 253521)
Supply of Graders Complete With One Way Plow and Wing for Winter Operations (00345765)
East Rail Maintenance Facility (12-301P)
Supply 1 New Lincoln VRTEX 360 Virtual Reality Arc Welding Machine (RFP TRD-12-01, 253542)
Lora Bay PRV Chamber (2012-37-T-EPW)
Rsa Securid Tokens (201202577, 253480)
Demolition of One (1) Property in Nipigon (253533, OSS_00344524)
Jacob Street and William Street Extension and Centennial Street Reconstruction (2012-08)
Erie Street South Pump Station & Force Main Replacement
Coaches Jackets (0101-12-0055, 0101-12-0055)
Aquatic Tank Tops (0103-12-0199)
Light Tower (6701-12-3203, 253566)
Pick Up Trucks (6112-12-3199, 253568)
Purchase and Removal of Mixed Rigid Plastics (9203-12-3204, 253570)
Professional Services for Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation (9117-12-7225, 253574)
Training and Support in the Instruction and Use of Disability Assistive Devices and Software (3412-12-7204, 253576)
Professional Services, Legal Services (9134-12-7228, 253577)
Safety Supplies (T12-072, 253561)
Design, Supply and Installation of Playground Equipment (2012-147-CP)
Radio Tower (23126-130147/A)
Multi-Parameter System for Analysis (KW405-120489/A, PW-$TOR-031-6025)
Supply, Delivery and Set-up of Fitness Equipment (2012-087)
Mass Spectrometer (UOTCHEM2966, 253370)
Supply and Delivery of Poplin Boxer Shorts (AIS-0620, 253427)
Supply and Delivery of Five (5) Sport Utility Vehicles (18712-07180-T01, 253389)
Anti-Idling Systems Test Facility (12-071, 253548)
Construction Services, Facilities renovations (3907-12-5058)
Aerosol Monitors (W3931-130097/A, PW-$$PV-927-61246)
PANEL,120/208VAC,600A,O/DOOR (7000001723)
Video Camera (KM175-121085/A, PW-$TOR-015-6028)
Steel Structures - Wallaceburg TS (7000001710)
Steel Items - Manitouwadge TS (7000001705)
Steel Items - Noelville DS (7000001704)
Lauzon SA Support Steel (7000001689)
Construction Services, Heating Ventilating - Air Handling and Plumbing Services (4305-12-5063)
Steel: PT support on existing wood poles (7000001680)
New Petawawa JK-12 School (2013-01)
Cylinders and Piston Rings (7000001670)
Extended Cab Full Sized Pickup (RFT 89-12, 253549)
Supply of Steel structure, Item 129B (7000001639)
Design, Supply, Delivery and Installation of Playground Equipment and Associated Site Work (OED2012-058)
Confidentiality Agreement (7000001693; 7000001701)
Solid Waste Resources Roof Repair/Replacement (12-158 )
Snow Clearing and Ice Control Services for Various City Lots (12-131)
Installation of Water Meters (RFT 12-132 )
Pinebush Well P10 Drainage Improvements (Q2012-1132)
Supply and Delivery of Benches (Q12076 )
Topcliff Park and Driftwood Avenue Outfall (12FS-25WP; 217-2012)
GMC/Chevrolet 3500 Truck W/dump Box (23310-130003/A)
Mobile Weapon Laboratory Trailer (W8486-120923/A)
Supply and Delivery of Recycling Carts (T-093-12)
Allendale Long Term Care Nurse Call System Replacement (T-278-12)
Catch Basin Cleaning Services (FIN 2012-026Q)
Maintenance and Repairs Services of Refrigeration Systems (T-125-12)
Quantitative Public Opinion Research - ACAN (51019-128006/A)
Non-Emergency Transportation Services (P-125-12)
Vital Event Document Security Printing (OSS_00254498/253560)
Assessment of Current Server Backup Environment (253-R-12)
Planning and Design Study of West Toronto Railpath - Phase 2 (9118-12-7138)
Consultations With Condominium Occupants (9119-12-7186)
Single Cab Chassis With Service Body
Satellite UHF Services (2b0kb-13-1403)
Air Pollution Burden of Illness : 2012 Update Two Envelope System (9119-12-7217)
Asset Management Plan Phase 2
Replacement of Street & Park Trees Town Wide (PR-2012-13)
Regular Cab Full Sized Pickup (88-12)
Consulting Services for the Active City Policy Project (9119-12-7230)
Standard Minivan (90-12)
Cab Chassis With Platform Body (91-12)
Dual Cab Chassis With Service Body (92-12)
One New Tandem Cab & Chassis Truck (050-2012)
Economic Review
Story Drain (Q11-321)
Roof Replacement (T12-230)
Rehabilitation of Abandoned Aggregate Pits
TBIPS 1 Project Manager, Level 3 (ECRS-RFP-12-17524)
Water Treatment Plant Work (RFQ # 08-25-2012)
Consulting Services - Needs and Readiness Assessment - Business Intelligence (BI) System (RFP/12-16)
Managed Print Solution Including, Supply, Delivery, Installation & Service of Multi-function Photocopiers, Mono & Color Printers (YRP-P-12-11)
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Wire Room, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Units and Ongoing Access Fees (YRP T-12-12)
Vehicle Rust Control Services (Q12-070)
Exterior Window Cleaning (TOH-2012-11)
Capital and Operation Partner Exterior Digital Wall (OCC20120925)
Dump Truck Registration (C2012-077)
Consultant - Noise Measurement (Q80-2012)
PVC and Chainlink Fencing (HAMPA40)
Pre-qualification of General Contractors for the Provision of Construction Services
Provision of Dishwasher Units and Chemical Supplies (001-2012)
Provision of Chemicals for Housekeeping and Laundry Services (002-2012)
Evaluation of Day Services Offered Throughout the City as Part of the Homeless Partnership Strategy (HPS) (C5-11-12)
Brushing & Tree Removal (OSS_00344454)
Washroom Upgrades (OED2012-051)
Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades (12-412-355)
E-Procurement Solution (01312-92027-I01)
Professional Consulting Services for the Upgrading of the River Road Sewage Pumping Station
Banking Services (CSTMC-12-010-CM)
Human Resource Management Expertise (CAHRC-8028-RFP09212012)
Interpretation Services (English and French) (201202593)
Playground Sand Surface Installation (Q12-386)
Physician Leadership Positions (CW78227)
Grading, Paving & Electrical (Traffic Signal Installation) (OSS_00346097)
Professional Design Build Services for Federation Hall Redevelopment (28152)
Blue and Black 360 Litre Recycling Carts (19412-10007-T01)
Supply and Delivery of X-Ray Screen Holder Kit(s) and Related Services (OSS_00339842)
Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) Requirement (140142)
Construction Management Services (RFP 012-FA04)
Snow and Ice Control at Weston GO Station (PR253626, PT-2012-WR-073)
Sub-lease of a Two Storey Heritage Building, Known As Adamson House, Within Adamson Estate (FA.49.832-12)
Consulting Services (1130922-12)
Supply & Delivery of Transit Bus Hoses & Related Parts - Transit Stores for a One ( 1) Year Period (FA.49-825-12)
Performance Measurment Information (TOH-2012-77)
Administration of Retiree Benefits, ATU 279 COLA, SI LTD Statutory Deductions, and ATU 279 OHP (26412-91840-P02)
Mess Awning Construction (MF126801)
Pick-up, Delivery and Driver Services (50027-12)
RFAP for Consultant Services for an Architectural and Engineering Source Lists (ML93979)
Geotechnical Engineering Services (TOH-2012-83)
Engineering Services Related to Traffic, Transportation and Parking (TOH-2012-84)
Scanning & Microfilming Services - Monitoring Strategies & Data Management Division (K3D31-12-1223)
Audio Visual Production Services (EN578-092642/D)
Eavestrough Cleaning Various Rhu's (HAMBN50)
Promotional Item (30001-120012/B)
Bay 2 Refit Project at the David Florida Laboratory (9F030-20120286)
Communications Services ((RFP #2012-60))
Refrigeration Service (4306-12-5029)
Schedule Consulting Services (RFP-005)
Demolition of Two Water Towers (PA058348)
Prime Architectural Design Services Baseball Softball Venue (PR253639, RFP20130924)
Bunker Gear Cleaners (0211-12-0186)
Insurance Broker Services (RFP-2012-168)
Absorbing Materials and Sweeping Compound (0213-12-0194)
Attendance and Time Tracking (RFT12-04)
Amusement Machine Operation (ISF-05-2012P)
Replacement of Defibrillators and AED Units (2012-001)
Amusement Machine Operation (ISF-04-2012P)
Grass Cutting, Trimming, and Litter Pick Up for Various Watercourses, Ditches, Sewer Blocks, and Ponds (3707-12-7169)
Repair and Maintenance of City of Owned Small Equipment for Water Division (6031-12-7163)
Parakeet Green Golf Shirts (0102-12-0195)
Navy Blue Sweatpants (0102-12-0197)
Short and Long Sleeve Green T-shirts (0102-12-0200)
Navy Blue Mesh Shorts (0103-12-0196)
Navy Blue 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts (0103-12-0198)
Rehabilitation/replacement of Lake Shore Boulevard West Bridge Over Etobicoke Creek (220-2012; 11FS-03S)
Rental of Various 2008 or Newer Heavy Vehicles (6038-12-3201)
Campsite Electrification in Canisbay Campground at Algonquin Provincial Park (OSS_00340929)
Lampman Drain 2012 (0927)
Licensed Realtor Services (16/12)
Sale of Lands
Sale of Land
Demolition of the Lively Water Tank
Snowplowing Municipal Streets 2012-2013
Wastewater Plant (energy) Optimization Study (ISD12-46)
Digital Photogrammetric Mapping and True Ortho-Imagery Project (GDD12-34)
Snow Plow Cab and Chassis (CW2012-028 )
Park Redevelopment (12-83)
Child & Youth Network Mobile Application & Website Development (12-77)
Install New Computer Room Air Conditioning System for Existing Data Centre (2012-018)
Saw Dust Pick Up Via Straight Tote/Drum exchange and Hopper Clean Outs At Various TDSB Sites (CN12-235T)
High Performance Cold Patch (19412-75414-T01)
High Performance Computing System (12-068)
Deslippe Drain (PWD-MD-2012-011)
2nd Concession Drain North Maintenance (PWD-MD-2011-013)
2nd Concession Drain South Maintenance (PWD-MD-2011-036)
Supply of Interactive Smart Board Systems (2013-09)
Supply and Delivery of Medical Supplies for Ottawa Paramedics (26812-25726-S02)
Equipment, Service and Supplies for Printers, Copiers and Mfp's (HGH-015)
Georgian College - Mailing Machine Lease (2012-38)
Vendor of Record for Printing Services (2012.TCCCAC.057)
Atomic Force Microscopy System for Materials (12-070)
Accelerated Solvent Extractor , Autotrace and Rocket Evaporator (12-073)
Sale of Land By Pubuc Tender (220.05200)
Sale of Land (580.03430)
Sale of Land (580.03440)
Non-exclusive supply and delivery of Sodium Hypochlorite (6606-12-7207)
Inspection of Hoffman Centrifugal Blower (12-Q93)
Renovation of Regional Offices (T-12-77)
Supply, Delivery and Planting of Various Trees (12-T54 )
Supply, delivery, installation, warranty of Aquatic Equipment (0903-12-0014)
Multi Purpose Tractor (6004-12-3200)
Roadway Lighting on Industrial Dr. from Tenth St. to East Limits (12-T56 )
Snow Plowing and Snow Clearing (T-12-71)
Strategic Plan Development (BGCFS-RFP001, PR253631)
Construction for Steeprock Bus Facility Washroom Rehabilitation (PT-2012-BI-048, PR253698)
Consulting Services Benchmarking Program Manager (RFP2012-P00217)
Asphalt Repairs and Related Site Work (CM12-35537)
Turnkey Installation of Three Solar Photovoltaic MicroFIT Systems
Snow and Ice Control At 407 and Trafalgar Park & Ride Lot and Bus Loop (PT-2012-WR-082)
Pre-Qualification: North Campus LTC Facility
Mechanical and Plumbing Upgrades (2012-561T)
Wound Care Inter-Professional Assessment, Diagnostic and Treatment Team (RFP 006.2012)
Washroom Replacement Various RHU's (HAMBN49)
Maintenance Chillers (EJ196-130475/A)
Rental of Heavy Equipment With Operator (E6TOR-12RM04/A)
Maintenance Hole Rehabilitation On Airport Road (2012-058T, 09-2415)
Sewer Construction and Road Resurfacing on Various Streets (12-T57)
Snow Removal (12-37)
Snow Clearing, Snow Removal and Sanding (T12/13-02)
Supply & Installation of Hot Water Boilers
Gas Furnace Replacement
Hire of Snow Removal Equipment With Operator (17PW-12)
Supply and Delivery of One (1) New Paratransit Vehicle (13PW-12)
Telephone Survey and Focus Groups (1130873-12)
Printer Repair Services (1130154-12)
Snow Cleaning
Snow Removal
Interior Tower Retrofit (EQ734-131460/A)
Navigational Dredging 2012 (EQ754-131368/A)
Upgrade Boilers (LN120036)
Replace Asphalt Shingles on Various Roofs (HAMPA34)
Long Throw Camera (W0114-13Q119/A)
Winter Hot Mix Asphalt (19412-74521-T01)
General Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites(M.I.S.S.) (QHC09242011)
Insulated Overhead Doors (31-12)
Snow Plowing of Parking Lots (09-2012)
Integrated Robot Manipulanda (2011008-T)
Snow and Ice Control and Seasonal Landscaping At Kitchener Facility (PT-2012-WR-080)
Supply and Deliver Four (4) Each All Terrain Off-road Vehicles (00712-07018-T01)
Marketing Media Purchase (2012-33)
New Gas Dryer Facility and Installation (CW12-35629)
New ERP System (CFO-RFP-201209)
Prudential Collateral Framework Consultant Services (IESO RFP#0175)
Domestic Hot Water System Replacement (CW12-30492)
Upgrading of Existing Building Automation and Control System - Inglis Building (T31PN12858)
Ring of Fire Negotiations' Advisor (12-318C)
Insulation Upgrades (RFT-HOU-22-12)
Supply of Welding Gases for Up To a 3 Year Term (P08CJ12138)
Provision of Event Venue Facilities & Catering for 3 Yr
Various Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repairs (12-165)
Yarland Municipal Drain 2012
Millman Municipal Drain 2012
Commodity Tax Review (2012-17)
Mobile Point of Care Computer Devices (RFP#2012-09-17)
Fitness Equipment (UOTKIN2917)
Management System That Supports E-procurement (DCCRFI001)
Elevating Devices Maintenance Services (OSS_00347342)
MTO Delivery Driver for RR 2, Erin
Building, Roof Replacement (1000141851)
Hoist Equipment (7000001760)
Renovation of (1) One Tub/Shower Room at Allendale Long Term Care Home
Digital Media and Advertising at Facilities (FIN 2012-127P)
Demolition Services At Fire Station #1 (FIN 2012-101T)
Consulting Services to Conduct Sixteen Mile Creek Impact Assessment Study (P-529-12)
Renovation of Student Lounge & Laundry Room (KN129931)
Post Insulator Support (7000001757)
Utility Terrain Vehicles (7000001751)
Utility Terrain Vehicles (7000001750)
Supply and Delivery of Cisco Voice Hardware and Smartnet Warranty Support (T-297-12)
Supply of Steel Structure: Clarington TS (7000001743)
Steel Structures - Lennox TS (7000001737)
Lounge and Main Roof Replacement Project at John Armstrong Terrace located at 8 Durham Street (T-298-12)
Complete Plumbing and HVAC Repair Works at Allendale Long Term Care Home (T-301-12)
Supply of 40' Containers With Doors (7000001734)
Consulting Services (12-405)
Supply, Delivery and Set-up of Party Rental Supplies and Equipment for Various Departments (2012-085)
Establishing a Roster for the Provision of Heritage Conservation District Studies and Plans (9118-12-7213)
Supply of Torkel Load Unit (7000001733)
Parking Lot Expansion Phase II (KN129934)
Tool Box Portable, Metal (W0125-13Q732/A)
Consulting Services for City-wide Study Respecting Secondary Suites Policy Development (12-366)
Paint Products
Supply of ACSS Conductor and Hardware (7000001720)
Supply of Ground Thaw Units (7000001735)
20 MVA Mobile Unit Substation (MUS)
Utility Terrain Vehicles (7000001629)
Exterior Car Wash (2012-487T)
Desktop Computers (12-166)
Lubes and Anti-Corrosives (7000001597)
Cleaning Services (P-2012-04)
Library Services (P2012-46)
Integrated Quality Assurance and Workforce Management System (P2012-52)
CA - Network Security (7000001599, 7000001691)
CVT, IVT and CT (7000001331)
Dental Equipment (Waypoint 12-09-25)
Guiderail Improvements (roadside Protection) (CL2012-29)
Garbage Pad and Enclosure Installation - Various Communities (CM12-34887)
Kitchen Renovations (CC12-35628)
Promotional and Branded Program Materials (2012-087909-0001)
Hydraulic Study (9117-12-7215)
Right of Way Fencing Replacement (OSS_00346649)
Soot Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (KM061-121135/A)
Student Laboratory Microscopes (RFP12-072)
Staff Training on the Prevention and Intervention of Aggressive Behavior in a Psychiatric Facility (12-08-03)
National Flag of Canada (Outdoor Use) (EN463-131330/A)
Satellite UHF Services (2B0KB-13-1404)
Secure Data Layer 2 Service Solution (2B0KB-12-2323)
Time Sensitive Delivery Service (OSS_00313061)
Acquisition of Project Manager Training (RFP 12-22063)
Understanding the Impact of Child Advocacy (1000011572)
Change Management / Transformation Program (TOH-2012-81)
Biosolids Management (PW 12-26)
Sale of SCBA Fire Equipment (T12-071 )
Civil Mall Landscaping Improvements (210-T-12)
Mechanical Upgrades (T2012-141)
Pre-Qualification of Electrical Contractors Long-Term Care Homes and Services (1201-12-5074)
Pre-Qualification for Mechanical General Contractors - Various Construction Work Assignments (4305-12-5076)
Prequalification General Contractors for the Completion of Various Construction Assignments (3907-12-5075)
Bridge Element Repair (222-2012)
Structural Lining of Clay Sanitary Sewer (12-PSG-005)
Pre-qualified Tender for Sewer and Watermain Improvements and Associated Restoration and Other Works (218-2012, 12FS-26WP)
Replacement of Existing Pneumatic Actuators, Thermostats and Reheat Control Valves With Direct Digital Control (4302-12-7240)
Replacement of Fire Pumps and Sprinkler Work (229-2012)
Water Service Replacement (225-2012, 12TE-322WS)
Preventative Elevator Maintenance At Residential Buildings and Long Term Care Facilities (T-12-20)
Professional Services - Transformation Roadmap and Workplan (TOH-2012-61)
A Lease in Milton (532045)
Facility Equipment & Inventory Move Services from OC Transpo (01212-96256-T01)
Symposium for Countering Violent Extremism (201301655)
Internal Audit Services (RFP 0188)
Downtown Essex Centre Streetscape Plan (PLN 2012-28)
Replacement SAN and Data Protection Solution (MIS-2012-04)
Food and Beverage Services at Huronia Historical Parks (HHP) (OSS_00337240)
NSAP - Provide Maintenace Support To Nato Headquarters Kosovo Forces (KFOR), Film City, Pristina (KOSOVO) (NOI 2012/00015)
Prequalification of General Contractors, Electrical and Mechanical for the York Regional Police Central Services (P-12-137)
Construction of New Stage 3 Influent Pumping Station for the Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Stage 3 Liquid Process Expansion Projec
Reconstruction of Warden Avenue (Y.R. 65) From 16th Avenue To Major Mackenzie Drive (12-102)
Interior Fit-Up Store # 041 (T2012-038)
Interior Fit-Up Store #490 Windsor (T2012-039)
Interior Fit-Up Store #341 Forest Hill (T2012-037)
Interior Fit Up Store 229 - Fergus (T2012-040)