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California Bid, solicitation, RFP, RFQ, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Tender for 06/17/13:

Elementary school Fascia Repair *Re-Bid* (SJ13-0133, Z0130)
Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center – PH II (991085)
Sports Field Renovations - Re-bid (103-2013)
Elevator Maintenance *REBID* (078CP2278R)
Network for a Healthy California Grant Award (5693)
Medicaid Management Information System Electronic Data Processing Audit (12-89340)
Fuel Tank Maintenance, Repair and Inspection Services (P13PS00552)
Boa Pilot Program (HSCG88-13-A-BOAXXX)
Parts Kit, Gun (SPM7L513R0061)
Padassy;1680-01-054-4886 (SPE4A713R0939)
Amplifier, Radio Fre (SPRMM113RWH61)
Precious Metals and Fabrication (CP05012013P, 44943)
Rack, Storage, Small (SPM7L5-13-R-0065)
55634S-F121-FSB-PDC/NCCF - Fabricate and Install Bus Duct *REBID* (13201494, 13201263)
Stabilize Fog Signal Bldg (L13PS00419)
Sewer Trucks (Design/Build) (12-13-39)
Residential Resurfacing-Asphalt Overlay (838)
Master Plan Repairs Project (85 (2013-01))
Kubota RTV900 4WD (or Equal) Utility Vehicle (17792)
Jeep Wrangler (or Equal) (17799)
Wash Racks (Pressure Washers) Maintenance & Repair (PUR007)
Employment Services (G99-0510-13)
Binding Library Books, Magazines, Etc. (CP 97200)
13-0829 4 - Wheel Loader - Wheel Drive Articulated (RFB-IS-13201341)
Health and Welfare Benefit Consulting Services (2013039)
Gate, Slide, Cast-iron, for Mwd Solids Handling Lagoons (88427)
Utilities Department Energy Optimization Plan (EOP)
Furnish and Install New Marquee (
Replace Existing Stadium Lighting Fixtures
Replace Two (2) Boiler Units (11-6.17.13)
Cathodic Protection System Testing & Maintenance (12-13-42)
Avenue Rehabilitation ( 2013022-MP)
Interior/Exterior Plant Maintenance (17700)
Traffic Pole Painting Services (12-13-50)
New Felling FT-24-2LP Trailers (Design/Build) (17539)
New 2013 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Pickup Trucks (or Equal) (17806)
2013 Ford Explorer With Winch (or Equal) (17800)
Unarmed Security Guard Services (TLARC-375)
Live Scan Mobile Fingerprint Rolling Services (HRARC-052)
Uniformed Guard Services (13-12)
Pay and Display Parking Terminals (13-392)
New Classroom Building (13-02)
Attennas, Sinclair Omni-directional (6025)
State Mandated Cost Claiming Services (13-2945)
Tree Trimming Services (OP33673109)
Evidence Tow, Impound, and Storage Services (13C246000)
Protective Clothing and Operational Supplies Services (13C535001)
Evidence Tow, Impound, and Storage Services (13C246001)
Bus Shelter Project (13-030)
Library Materials Recovery & Debt Collection Services
Asphalt Emulsion and Pavement Delineation for the Seal Coat 2013 Project (14-551428)
Rental Single Rack Dishwashing Machines (5977)
Publicist/Marketing Services (13-034)
Manufactured Tool Cabinetry (14-01 SN)
Student Assessment Data Analysis System
New Classroom Building and Site Improvements At Millennial Tech Middle School (ITB-CZ-13-0961-57-1-2013/KA)
Bus Shelter Project (13-031)
Switch Electrical Service To Campus 12kv System, Athletics (996004, 5108052)
Glock 17 Gen-4 Pistols (17859)
Ford F-350 Trucks w/ Diamond Model Animal Transport Body (12-13-47)
Freightliner MT-45 Truck With Walk-in Van Body (12-13-46)
New 2013 Ford F-350 Pickup Trucks (17782)
Used 2010 Chevrolet Suburban Utility Vehicle (17797)
Hillcrest 3rd Floor Reroof - Pre-qualification of Roofing (4556/A4S-011/964830)
Asphalt Crack Repairs and Striping (2012-13-107)
Roofing Maintenance Restoration Repairs (2012-13-108)
Janitorial Services (C3222AAC)
Loader (6028)
Paper Products (1314-101)
Transit Center Park & Ride Upgrades (C13064)
Painting/Spot Painting of Existing Potable Water Tanks (RFP-MV-2601 )
Sewer Line Rehabilitation / Replacement Project 2013 (12-CDBG-8421)
Ellipse Business Process Improvements (3-1745)
Surplus Buses
Runoff Prevention Project (CIP 216)
Cy3300 Course Revision, Cy3800 Course Delivery Cy3300 Course Delivery Cyber Academic Group (N62271-13-Q-1193)
Xl Tool And Cutter Grinder (NND13474989Q)
Gas Powered Drills/Breaker & Accessories (080-P40001)
Concrete Pavement and Ornamental Steel Fencing Improvements (01-1314/12)
Preparation of the 2014-2021 Housing Element Update
Intensive Use / Behavioral Health Furniture for Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) (13-410-079)
CY3300 Course Revision (N6227113Q1193)
Modified EMI Shielded Cabinets (FA9302-13-M-K035)
BR Speech Data & Behavioral Analytics (130180.MC)
Acuson SC2000 Ultrasound (13201513)
16205P-13fx85057-Med-005-Dental Operatory Package (13201499)
218086 - Printer, Cassette Printer (13201498)
13-860 - Hydraulic Autopsy Carriers (13201486)
Exhauster Boom Arm (M33610-13-T-0018)
Medical Instrument - Patient Monitor (13201483)
13-1130 Play Ground Equipment - Mother Beach 5-12 (13201480)
Borman Baseball Field ADA Site Upgrades (12YS0062)
Track Assy, Vehicular (SPM7L313T6964)
Switch, Sensitive (SPE7M813T0441)
Switch, Stepping (SPE7M813U0002)
Valve, Safety Relief (SPE7MC13T0810)
Body Screening Security System (10252)
E-Waste Surplus Sale (1650)
City Facilities Landscape Maintenance Servcies (14-003)
Chiller Rebuild (13-18 MP)
Consultant Firms To Provide Contract/Grant Administrator
Consultant Firms To Provide Labor Standards Coordinator for Services Contractor Labor Standards Coordinator
Tactical Electronics Fiber Optic Equipment (17641)
505334-CISCO Unified Communication (13201525)
B189030 - Tablet - Lenovo Helix (13201530)
509-134 Scanner - Visioneer Patriot 430 Sheetfed (13201518)
Software - License - EMC Powerpath (13201489)
592400 - Illegal Disposal Abatement (0453) (13201487)
Radio Frequency (RF) Planning Tool with Maintenance Agreement (SA1301-12-RP-0018)
Lighting Supplies (FMD114-FM-0529)
Lenovo Thinkpads (204-54), HP Z220 Workstations (204-96) (4604)
Remote Eye Tracking System for Usability Analytics (VA70113Q0194)
Signs and Sign Hardware ( 2013-02)
Radio Frequency Planning Tool for FirstNet (SA1301-12-RP-0018)
Sterilizer-Medium Steam-With Accessories & Trade In (RFB-IS-13201335)
Exam Chair (RFB-IS-13201519)
Physician Specialty Services in Nephrology (13-10042)
TP-201.3B AST Leak Decay Test (SF-IFB-R4-211)
Mailing Machine Systems (PRO-FY13-0344)
Cisco - FY:13-14 (13-0108)
Bella Cara
Crash Cushion Material (6062)
College Renovations Ph.2 (2636)
Miscellaneous Equipment for Custodial Services (45423-OR)
Installation of (2) Relocatable Classrooms - Lower Campus
Box & Cover, Meter (88444)
Airport Bolevard Rehabilitation (ST-13-04)
2013 Road Repair Project (ST-13-03)
Gill Nets Aquatic Program (P13PS00967)
Aircraft Engine (AG-9J61-S-13-0002)
RYOBI 4 Color Printing Press (360-531)
Janitorial Services (RA-133W-13-RQ-0439BS)
Exterior Painting and Minor Repairs (QSP 1213-029 )
Support Lower Assy, (SPE4A513TX725)
Programs and Projects Services for the Astrobiology Space and Research Services (NAS2-02090-Extension)
Yanmar 480hp Engine (N66001-13-T-6643)
Landscape Modification and Installation (FMD114-FM-0536)
Strap, Tiedown, Electric (SPE4A613THK42)
Valve, Interconnect (SPE4A713TF234)
Bolt (SPE4A513TY478)
Bracket, structural (SPE4A713TF180)
Coupling, Clamp, Groov (SPE4A613THJ72)
Parking Lot Lighting At Central Middle School (2012/13-41 UCCAP)
Surge Protected/ Socket 4-PT (130201.NY)
Temp Regulated Battery Enclosure (130200.LV)
Miscellaneous Hippus Handshoe Mice (130199.PE)
Fitness Center Equipment
Panasonic Tablets and Keyboards (3-1764)
Nurse Advice Line (F1S4AN3120A001)
Service Agreement For Sterilization Equipment (VA262-13-Q-0925)
Debarkation Ladders (N32205-13-T-1389)
Chatsworth #46353-503: 7 ft. X 19 inch, 1500 lb Cap. Relay Rack (84874)
Parking Lot Expansion
Lobby and Interview Room Furniture (RQ056881)
Equipment for Police Department (45426-OR)
Battery Powered Crimping Tool - Panduit (84880)
Pendant Assembly Remote - Autocrane #680065 (84882)
Combihammer (84883)
Boxes, Junction (Stainless Steel) (84884)
Pump (RFQ-RA-13-027; 10023901 )
Annual Construction Inspection Services
Annual Engineering Survey Services
Annual Professional Pavement Engineering, and Material Testing and Inspection Services
Trailer Brake Parts & Service (4632)
Vehicle Spring Repair (4633)
Hydraulic Hose Fabrication and or Repair (on site) (4634)
Valley View Street Reconstruction (7234)
Blake Hall Fire Life Safety Bid Package 16 - Site Concrete (Rebid) (4722/A4L-366/962300)
Navy Standard Fan Coil Unit FCU (H6) (HSCG85-13-Q-630N01)
Cisco 7945 IP Phone / PR# 1300345256 (N66001-13-T-6422)
Kawasaki Mule (057-RT-PO8416)
Neats Foot Oil-Store #02 (84894)
1/4" Split Seam Loom: Hi-Line SPL4 & 16 oz.Aerosol "Quik-Freeze" (84900)
T-8 Fluorescent Lamps - Sylvania or GE (84906)
Tempo Model# FM2200, 100 Gallon Gas Walker w/Air Pump (84907)
Wire Rope for 2013 Sany Rough Terrain Crane #WRCE16MMX165M-LL (84908)
Time and Frequency System (84916)
Synthetic Jet Engine Oil (84917)
Pin Brazer (84918)
100 AMP Current Interrupter (84919)
Micro Ohmmeter (84920)
4-Point Ground Resistance Meter (84921)
Air Conditioner (84890)
Pump, Turbine (84896)
Unit, Air Conditioning (84897)
ADA Compliant Pool Lift (38931)
Chemical Storage Tank (38935)
Project Management Support Services