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We help companies thrive with:

  • Lucrative New Opportunities
  • Data, Tools & Techniques to Maximize Profitability

Our affordable and effective services can help your company tap new opportunities, operate more efficiently, adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and maximize profits.

Business Opportunities & Market Intelligence

More than 3,000 actionable new business opportunities and sales leads each day with an annual contract value of more than $3 trillion. Extensive market intelligence on the North American G2B market.

(Consulting, Coaching)

Our highly-skilled experts can help your key staff reach higher levels of performance and help your company develop and execute an effective strategy to ensure greater success into the future.

Staff Wellness & Support

Our psychologists and coaches can help your staff reach their full potential or just cope with personal crisis and challenges that might impact their work.

Corporate Culture Empowerment

We can help your organization develop a more effective core DNA so that its culture manifests success on every level.

Go Global

We can help your company access better markets globally or shift select operations offshore to tap higher-quality and lower-cost labor. Our extensive expertise in doing business internationally can help your company avoid pitfalls and enjoy the success that awaits in international markets.

Strategic Outsourcing

We offer a wide range of remote services such as: live chat & customer support staffing, marketing, sales, collections, highly skilled C-suite staffing, business analytics, training, staff wellness management, conflict resolution, legal advise, and much more.

Risk Management & Threat Assessment

We closely track threats to business around the world and offer highly intuitive and deeply informed custom threat assessment and risk management programs.

Software & Automation Solutions

We offer: databases, big data management and analytics, machine learning, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, loyalty rewards, cloud deployment, algorithm development, business automation, SaaS, mobile apps, training programs, and more.


Web, video, animation, audio, interactive games, print media, content provision and more for marketing, training, publications and general communications.

Mergers, Joint-Ventures, Partnerships, Acquisitions

With our extensive business database and intelligence, we can help you find the right company to facilitate your company’s journey towards ultimate success.

Idle Asset Monetization

We help you monetize underutilized and idle assets such as equipment, real estate, personnel, capital, credit and more.

Member Discounts

We leverage the $1 trillion in combined purchasing power of our members to provide deep discounts on a wide range of quality products and services.

AMERO Digital Currency & Goodwill Token

Bid Ocean members earn AMERO points and can redeem them for a wide range of goods and services as well as accept AMERO as payment for partial or entire payment for their own goods and services. For more information, Click Here

Sharing Economy

Bid Ocean helps connect those with available goods and services with those who need them at lower cost. Need equipment, personnel, materials, etc. or have something to offer? We can help.

Staffing Solutions

Our proprietary Applicant Evaluation & Management System (AEMS) will process large numbers of applications to more easily identify the most qualified applicants with the skills you require. Industry, position and culturally specific and optimized for Millennials.

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