The AMERO Goodwill Token

What is AMERO?

The AMERO is a goodwill token that functions like loyalty reward points, but is much more and can become an important part of your company’s success. It was developed in partnership with the International Digital Monetary Council, a non-profit think tank.

Each AMERO has an assigned value of $1 USD but cannot be redeemed for hard currency.

How to Get AMERO

1. Be a Bid Ocean Customer. Bid Ocean customers earn 1 AMERO for every $1 spent on Bid Ocean services.

2. Get Paid in AMERO. Bid Ocean members can get AMERO by offering their own goods and services payable partially or completely in AMERO. This is a good way for your company to get noticed and generate more business.

3. Contribute needed data. You will soon be able to earn AMERO by uploading bid packages that Bid Ocean might be missing, reporting errors, providing updated plan-holder lists, etc.

4. Refer new customers to Bid Ocean. You can earn up to a 25% commission in AMERO for each new customer you bring to Bid Ocean.

How to Redeem AMERO

1. Browse the AMERO catalog. The offerings are currently limited but will increase steadily.

2. Post an offer to pay for the goods or services you need by AMERO. (available soon)

The Fine Print

1. The AMERO cannot be converted to any national currency and has no cash value. User agrees to not convert or attempt to convert AMERO to any national currency.

2. The AMERO cannot be used outside the Bid Ocean network.

3. Actual ownership of the AMERO is held by Bid Ocean. Other users merely borrow the AMERO.

4. AMERO is void where prohibited by law or taxed.

5. Access to and use of AMERO requires an active and paid subscription to If you cancel your subscription we will hold your AMERO up to 6 months, after which the AMERO will be returned to Bid Ocean.

6. AMERO users agree to hold Bid Ocean and its employees, assigns, affiliates and subsidiaries harmless from all claims related to the AMERO. Use AMERO at your own risk.

For more info. about the AMERO and how it can benefit your business please call us at 970-373-4460

To download this information as a pdf, Click Here