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Are you fluent in English, intelligent, honest and have good computer skills? If so, we might have a position for you.  Bid Ocean, Inc. is growing rapidly and seeks high quality personnel who want a great job and to help make the world a better place. Click here to learn more about Bid Ocean.


Are you fluent in English, highly intelligent, honest and compassionate? If so, we might have a position for you.

Bid Ocean, Inc. is growing rapidly and seeks high quality personnel who want a great job and to help make the world a better place. The following positions are currently available:

Internet Research Specialist
Currently accepting applications only from those in Asia and Latin America. Full time position for Internet research and data entry. Use the Bid Ocean software system to find and enter tender (solicitation) information from various sources and enter it into an online form. Requires higher than average intelligence, reliability, HONESTY, integrity, fluent English, good hand-to-eye coordination, extended concentration, good typing skills, precision in data entry and good computer skills. Quick advancement and pay increases for good work. Online skills evaluation required before acceptance for training. Please read this document before applying for this position.

Commissioned Sales
Contact leads provided to offer free trials, configure free trials, conduct demonstrations of the Bid Ocean Network, build relationships and close sales. Requires honesty, good computer skills and excellent communication skills with some experience in sales or customer service.

Software Programmer
MySQL, PHP, AJAX Programmers and trainees needed outside the US and Canada. Must be experienced in database and web interface (MySQL, PHP, JAVA) development. Full or part-time. Should have at least one year experience and be fluent in English and completely trustworthy. Background check required.

News Reporter - Writer
Must be fully fluent in English, intelligent, logical and have great researching and writing skills. Position will require researching and writing and re-writing short (250-450 words) news articles related to business and construction. Upload samples of writing and CV (resume).

Manager Trainee
Trainee needed for management position for Internet Researchers in Asia. Must be intelligent, honest, hard-working, fluent in English (spoken, reading & writing), have good computer skills and great people skills. Online skills evaluation required before acceptance for training.

Web Designer
Required in Cebu, Philippines. Must be skilled in design and coding of web pages using PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Flash and other relevant technologies. Should be skilled at SEO. Full-time or part-time. Only professionals should apply.

Web Marketer
Person needed outside of the U.S. & Canada for SEO and promotion of various web sites. Must have a good understanding of web marketing, social networking and SEO and be able to increase traffic to sites.

Telephone Researcher
Needed in Philippines and India, other countries considered. Applicants must have great English and communications skill with minimal accent. Must work US work hours. Use VoIP to request data related to procurement tenders (solicitations) from US and Canadian govt. agencies. No sales or customer service calls required. Call center experience a plus. Great pay and benefits. Supportive work environment.

Acting Talent
Actors and Actresses in Asia needed for various international projects that include audio books, radio programs, educational videos, TV series, documentaries and feature films. Applicants should have good acting skills, be articulate and fluent in English with a relatively neutral accent. Application should include bio, photos and links to audio/video clips. Mostly part-time as needed. Some full-time positions available. Auditions held regularly in Cebu, Philippines.

Video Editor
Needed in Cebu, Philippines. Must be skilled with Premier, Final Cut Pro or another professional editing program and have good skills at compositing using After Effects or similar program. May work from home with sufficient Internet bandwidth or at our office. Provide samples of work.

Web Content Manager
Person needed outside North America & Europe to help manage the content and SEO for 100+ English language web sites with various themes. Must be skilled in non-MS web programming, web marketing, SEO and understand the psychological needs of web users. Coordinate with writers, content producers and programmers. Generous pay and room for advancement.

Progressive Psychologist needed for support of staff peak performance. Must be open-minded and willing to consider new research and more effective techniques. Generous pay with room for advancement.

Call Center Executive/Manager
Highly intelligent and capable person needed to manage a small but high performance call center operating during North American business hours. Applicant must have a minimum of 1 year verifiable experience in successfully managing a call center. Call center is for data acquisition only, no sales or customer service calls required. Excellent pay and benefits. Signing bonus for qualified applicants.

Musician / Sound Engineer
High skilled Musician/Sound Engineer needed in Cebu, PH for video production to help ensure the recording of high quality audio and the development of sound tracks for a wide range of video projects. Good pay with room for advancement.

News Editor & Manager
Must be fully fluent in English, highly intelligent, highly productive, logical, ethical and able to effectively manage up to 8 web writers and edit their work. Most writing to be edited will be related to business and construction. Applicants must demonstrate management and editing skills. Great pay, flexible hours and option to work from home.

World Changer
Individuals wanted with a wide range of skills, education and background to help change the future of humanity as a full-time job, lifestyle and personal mission. Position will require: participation in a reality-based web TV series, rapid evolution as an individual, massive research, baring your soul to the world and engaging in effective activism. Applicants should truly want to change themselves and help change the world around them. Will require high intelligence. ability and desire to become a better person, excellent communication skills and willingness to work closely with others. May require some travel. Long-term commitment required after trial period. Include photo with your resume (CV). This position will not make you financially rich but should pay your bills and greatly enrich your soul. It might even make you famous.

To apply, complete the following, a login and password will be Emailed to you so that you can login to upload your resume (CV) and other information. No phone calls please. You will be contacted if you meet the qualifications. Applicants outside the US/Canada should select the 'state' of "International". Only apply for the position you are qualified for. All applicants must complete an online evaluation that measures intelligence, typing skills and English proficiency. Incomplete applications are automatically rejected. If you do not receive a login and password use our contact form to re-request one.

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