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Bid Ocean, Your Business Wellness Center

Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Bid Ocean, Inc. respects the privacy of its customers and visitors (users) to its web sites. However, in the course of business, Bid Ocean gathers, stores, processes and distributes a wide variety of information. Information collected may include user's URL, user's operating system, user's geographic area, frequency of visits, pages visited, time spent on site, and other information about visitor and visitor's usage of site. Additional information is collected through contact forms. Information is obtained from a large number of sources such as public bid lists, news services, public directories and other public sources. Some of the information Bid Ocean obtains is used internally to improve its service and some information is published or sold to others.

Bid Ocean gathers information primarily about companies, not individuals. As a general rule, Bid Ocean does not share information about individuals but may do so if compelled to under threats from government agencies or if prudent during the course of business.

Ad System

Advertisements may be displayed on and other sites or in Emails sent to subscribers. Ad display may be determined by user's geographic location and other information known about the user. Clicking on an ad may communicate additional information about user and some of that information may be passed on to the advertiser. In some cases the user may opt out of the communication of some of their data to advertisers.

Credit Card Purchases

Credit Card transactions are conducted using encrypted secure forms to prevent theft of the transmitted information. Credit Card information for one time purchases is deleted after the purchase is processed. Credit Card information is maintained for subscriptions. All credit card information maintained is kept strictly confidential. Bid Ocean goes to considerable lengths to ensure the security of customer credit card data. All credit card users are encouraged to closely monitor the activity on their card and closely safeguard their credit information.


"Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by the web browser on a computer's hard drive. Some of our sites may use cookies to speed navigation, keep track of items, and provide users with custom-tailored content. Cookies are used to remember information provided so it doesn't have to be reentered each time the site is visited or the page is changed. Our site requires that per-session cookies be allowed by the browser in order to log on. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. Bid Ocean does not use or condone the use of 'spy-ware'.


The US Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, 47 U.S.C. § 227, makes it a violation of federal law for a person to use any telephone facsimile machine, computer, or other device to send an unsolicited advertisement (a "junk fax") to a telephone facsimile machine. Various State laws make it illegal to send broad categories of Faxes without the permission of the recipient. To be subject to the Federal Act, a fax must be an "unsolicited ad." An ''unsolicited advertisement'' is any material advertising the commercial availability or quality of any property, goods, or services that is transmitted to any person without that person's prior express invitation or permission.

Not every fax is a junk fax and Bid Ocean does not Spam or send 'Junk' Faxes. Bid Ocean maintains a list of Fax numbers whose owners have requested to not receive Faxes and does not broadcast Fax to those numbers. Bid Ocean does communicate with its customers through Fax, telephone & Email on a regular basis. Submission of your Fax number to Bid Ocean constitutes an agreement to receive an occasional Fax transmission. Bid Ocean subsidiaries not located within the US may not be bound by US anti Fax laws. You may opt-out of our Fax system by calling us sending us a Fax, Email or letter by postal mail.


Bid Ocean obtains Email addresses from customers, from public bid lists and other sources. Bid Ocean sends Emails to a wide variety of organizations and individuals during the course of business but does not spam. Submission of your Email address to Bid Ocean constitutes an agreement to receive an occasional Email. Bid Ocean subsidiaries not located within the US may not be bound by US anti Email laws. You may opt-out of our Email system by calling us or sending us a Fax, Email or letter by postal mail.

Email Spoofing

Spammers and computer hackers are very adept at breaking into Email servers and also at 'spoofing' Email addresses. If you receive an unwanted Email from a Bid Ocean address it does not mean that the Email was sent by Bid Ocean. It is possible that someone fraudulently used a Bid Ocean Email address as their return address. If you receive any Spam or viruses from an Email you think came from Bid Ocean please check the Email header details to see where the Email actually originated from. If there is any indication that the spam originated from a Bid Ocean server please let us know.

Hold Harmless

Usage of this site, Bid Ocean and any site owned or operated by Bid Ocean, Inc. constitutes an agreement to hold Bid Ocean, Inc., its subsidiaries, principals, parent company and employees harmless from any liability resulting from your usage of the site or the information derived from it. This hold harmless agreement supercedes any prior or subsequent agreement, contract, promise or commitment made by Bid Ocean, its subsidiaries, parent company, associates, principals or employees.

No Guarantees

Bid Ocean does not warrant the accuracy of data it distributes or the quantity distributed through and subsidiary sites. Usage of this site and any site owned or operated by Bid Ocean, Inc. is done purely at your own risk. Product warranties sold by subsidiaries of Bid Ocean are specified on each subsidiary site.

Persons wanting to opt out of any record keeping may send their request by mail to:

Bid Ocean, Inc.
PO Box 40445, Grand Junction, CO 81504