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e-Procurement System

Government agencies, design firms and non-profit organizations: if your organization is not currently publishing its procurement solicitations online we can help!

Save time and money with Bid Ocean's turn-key E-Procurement system.

  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Enter data only once
  • Display planholders, bid tabulations, contract awards and addenda
  • Attach bid packages
  • Reach more bidders
  • Automatically distribute information
  • Securely receive bids online (coming soon)
  • Basic system free-of-charge

If you are not publishing your procurement solicitations online you are spending extra money to distribute the information and reducing the number and quality of bids you receive. If your agency doesn't have a website we can provide one at no cost.

Bid Ocean is North America's fastest growing procurement solicitation reporting service. Our company was founded in the year 2000 to create the world's most powerful online procurement publishing system. Unlike many of our competitors we have been profitable every year.

With other E-procurement services your public data can become private and require the public to enter into restrictive agreements and pay fees before they can acccess your data. With the Bid Ocean E-Procurement System your bid opportunities are freely available to the public without restriction.

Creating your own E-Procurement system can be very costly, take a lot of time and require extensive training for your personnel. With the Bid Ocean E-Procurement System you can get started right now at no cost!

In addition to E-Procurement we offer a powerful online environment that can help increase your organization's efficiency. With our powerful online system you can:

  • Research Design firms, consultants, contractors and suppliers
  • Research other projects
  • Easily send Email and Faxes
  • Send secure messages to people in your organization

Government Agencies and Design Firms

Government agencies and design firms can register online HERE, or call us at 970-373-4460. Its FREE and there is no obligation for Government Agencies, Design Firms or other organizations seeking contractors or vendors.