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Bid Ocean, Your Business Wellness Center

Is Bid Ocean for You?

Bid Ocean helps a wide range of companies find more and better opportunities. If your company meets the following criteria then we can likely help it as well. Bid Ocean is a good fit for companies who:

  • Offer goods or services to govt. agencies, to private energy companies or to companies who cater to govt. agencies or private energy companies.
  • Offer goods or services outside their local area. If your company only seeks local business you don't really need Bid Ocean.
  • Are ethical, professional, reasonably well managed and actively looking for new business opportunities.
  • Have good basic computer skills and are able to use the Internet. Our service is available only by email or by logging in to our web site.
  • Are willing to pay a reasonable rate. If you are looking for a free or cheap service, we are not it. We help companies make money and save money and for that service we charge a nominal fee that makes sense to both parties.
  • Have the time and ability to honestly evaluate our service. We can't help your company if you can't set aside enough time to discuss your needs with us and actually use our service.

If your company meets the criteria above then the next step is for you to tell us more about your company and its needs by completing the following form. With the info. you provide we will prepare a demonstration of our services and a free 1 week trial specific to your company's needs.

If you need more information please call us at 970-373-4460 or visit our Features, FAQ and Comparison pages.

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