Bid Ocean's Requirements for Internet Researchers

Bid Ocean is seeking individuals outside the US and Canada who are suitable for Internet Research and Data Entry. This job requires a special kind of person. You should only apply if you have the following qualifications and are seriously interested in the position of Internet Researcher. If you don't meet the requirements then please don't waste your time and ours by applying. We have other less demanding positions you may qualify for.

Training pay is minimal and only those who demonstrate that they have the required skills are given the position of Researcher and the higher pay that comes with it. All positions require a minimum 40 hours work per week. This is a very mentally demanding position and is only open for those looking for a full-time position that will be their only job.

Bid Ocean is a great company to work for and is looking only for great people. If you have what it takes, please apply.

If you are not well suited for the position of Internet Researcher but are interested in a different position please let us know. We have a number of different positions opening up in the near future.


1. Cognitive Abilities - The position requires someone who is able to learn complex information quickly, scan information and look for specific types of information, understand the data and enter and classify the data with a very high degree of accuracy.

A person who is highly creative or artistic is not suitable for this position. It can actually be painful for a creative person to force themselves to do this kind of work for a full day.

A suitable person is someone who is logical and analytical and who can focus their mind for extended periods of time. This is typically called a 'left-brained' person because it is the left hemisphere of the brain that normally does the logical and analytical work while the right side is the creative and intuitive part of the brain.

2. Integrity - An Internet Researcher must follow procedures and search thoroughly for the required data and enter it correctly. Failure to do so creates serious problems for Bid Ocean and our customers. We must be able to trust our Researchers to always do their best and not skip data or make avoidable errors.

Fines are imposed for deliberate skipping of data and repeated errors. Those who can't be trusted to do a good job are replaced.

Bid Ocean is open and honest with all its staff and requires the same from its staff. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty, manipulation or deceit.

3. Self-Discipline - This position is only for those who are able to focus on work for at least 8 hours per day and get the job done without a lot of supervision.

PLEASE, only apply for this position if you are qualified and really want a demanding job.